Why did my dog go blind in one eye???

brantDecember 17, 2009

I have a mini schnauzer who is almost 13 years old and has CHF along with kidney and liver problems. Within the last two weeks he has went blind in one eye and I don't know why. His eye looks different in the light and he doesn't blink or move when I wave my hand on his blind side. Within the last month I moved from a home he had lived in for 12 years. I am wondering if the move was to much and he had a stroke. He is not in any pain or discomfort so I didn't take him to the vet. I had him at the vet three months ago for his shots and a check up and vet said he had cataracts but they were not bad. Any advice?

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Yes. Take him to the vet.

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Dogs are good at hiding any pain or discomfort they may have.

I agree with harebell that a visit to the vet is in order.

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Take him to the vet. At his age it is probably cataracts that got worse quicker than your vet expected, but best to be certain.

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With all his health problems, he should be seeing the vet for any changes you notice. Physical changes can move much faster than you can imagine.

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Possible glaucoma, but that is very painful so you would notice if he had discomfort. Glaucoma came come on suddenly and needs treated asap.

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tumor, stroke, glaucoma, seizure, etc. etc.

If its a pressure issue (glaucoma), there are drops that can be administered to possibly reverse the problem and prevent it from happening to the other eye. I would get it checked.

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Since your vet has already determined your dog has cataracts that could be the reason for him not seeing out of the one eye. Since three months have passed that would be enough time for a mature cataract to restrict vision. As noted by another poster glaucoma could also be an issue. This is very painful though and you would notice the dog squinting or pawing at his eyes. Is there any discoloration to the lens of the affected eye?

At any rate another trip back to your vet would be highly recommended.

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Thanks for the advice. I have made an appointment and will be taking him to the vet in the morning. Will post after appointment.

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The vet said it was a cataract. Don't know with his condition if he will be able to have it removed. Have to take him to a specialist for a consultation. Thanks for all you help.

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I'll keep your dog in my thoughts for a good outcome at the consultation.

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