how to remove flow restrictor Grohe Movario Trio

OlychickNovember 15, 2010

Hi, my water is supplied by a small community well system (9 houses). The pressure and flow is less than adequate; that's not going to change.

I just completed a new master bath remodel and installed the above shower bar system, as well as a Grohe rainhead. Surprisingly, the rainhead gives me better pressure than the handheld. There is not enough pressure to really use the Trio to its full potential, so I want to remove the flow restrictor. (I can only use one shower head at a time). I removed it from the hose, took out the filter and can see another little plastic doohickey, that I assume is the flow restrictor? If that's it, how do I get it out? Want to make sure that's it before I get too aggressive trying to pull it out. Thanks.

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Drill it bigger.

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Do you think what I've described is the flow restrictor...right below the screen? If only I had a drill.

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You may be able to reach in with needle nose pliars, or tweezers, and unscrew or pull out the 'plastic doohickey'.

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Thanks Randy...guess it sounds like that doohickey is the flow restrictor. I'll get some pliers and give it a go.

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Well, I pulled it out with a crochet hook; it was the flow restrictor and hurray, I have water flow/pressure vastly improved in the hand held.

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