Automatic Pool Cover Prices ~ Long Island

twingleMarch 9, 2012

Hi My wood walled pool needs to be replaced. I would really love to get an automatic pool cover. I have a son who is Autistic and loves to swim so it really is a priority to make the pool as safe as I can. I was hoping to do salt water but was I thought I read somewhere that you can't have a salt water system with an automatic pool cover. Any ideas of what an auotmatic pool cover would cost??? I'm thinking $10-12K.

My needs are good deep end 10 or 12 ft if possible (son loves to suspend in the 12 ft end at the Y. ) , vinyl liner, deep water bench, diving board, slide, roman steps. I have a 20x40 rectangle now. Bt my backyard is 1 1/2 acres so plenty of room to expand.

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I don't really have any information for you, but we are considering an automatic pool cover and a salt water pool, though we haven't talked to an expert yet.

Do you know why the two are not supposed to be used together?

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Laura - The salt in the pool is known to corrode the mechanics/gears of the automatic pool cover. There might be a solution, although I've never heard of one.

Twingle - Best bet would be to get free written estimates from builders in your area. Look up their ratings on the BBB website first. Make sure they've got an "A" rating, and are doing their customers right. Three quotes is the norm, but some people get more.

Keep a checklist next to you of all the things you stated that you want in your pool build. Make sure each and every one is listed on the builder's quote. Each builder does things differently, but at least this should give you a pretty close apples-to-apples comparison between them all.

Stick around here and update us on what's going on. There's plenty of info here to keep you busy on a lazy afternoon. Best of luck!

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I can't tell you prices on LI, but here in GA we just put a PCS Infinity 4000 deck mount cover on our existing 14x32 rectangle salt system pool for about $6,600. We had a carpenter build us a bench using Trex for much less than the price of the ugly formica veneer looking bench often shown by the companies. We were told to rinse the tracks off once or twice a month, but nothing else was said about salt specific to the cover.

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