Seek Wet-Look, Non-Slippery Concrete Sealant

chisueMarch 22, 2012

I thought someone using sealants around pools might have a suggestion for me. I want to enhance a new, colored, stamped concrete patio at a vacation rental in Hawaii. I'd like a wet look, but can't create a safety hazard for guests.

"Enrich N Seal" has been suggested. It is marketed for stone though, and I can't tell if it's meant only for interior applications.

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I just finished sealing my 1000sf patio and what I did was:
Pressure wash, sand the joints, sealant, really light sanding when tacky, then seal with final coat.

Or in your case just do some test runs on some concrete with the sealant and sand in order to make sure you have the right amount of non slip texture with the sand.

Also make sure you use a sprayer when applying the sealant.

Good Luck...GT

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Thanks for the reply, agreenthumb. Not sure what you mean about 'joints'. This is one rectangular slab of concrete 17 X 12. I believe the suggested product is spread, not sprayed. Are you saying to apply sand over the 'wet look' sealant to create texture? Wouldn't that kill the sheen?

I'm trying to manage this from home (Chicagoland). The project is on Maui. I am learning more than I ever wanted to know about this topic! LOL

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