Show me your undercounter refrigeration

Circus PeanutMarch 11, 2013

I am moving along, albeit slightly slowly, on the design for my newest old kitchen. Because of the extreme limitations of our wallspace, we are considering using alternate forms of refrigeration and putting our full fridge/freezer in the (adjoining and easily accessed) basement or back hallway. An architect friends has drawn up some good plans, but the most workable variations would depend on finding a good undercounter beast.

Can you share photos of your undercounter fridges, drawers, hoppers ... whatever is currently out there, and how you like it? If we went with this, ideally we'd find "normal" refrigeration rather than relying on specialty beverage coolers and wine larders -- we may need to go commercial on this if we can find something quiet enough.

Leaning towards glass or panelled doors for the aesthetics; glass preferable.

Needing inspiration. Thanks!

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We have subzero fridge and freezer drawers. I love them but they are for ice cream and drinks. I do not feel they would be practical as the only refrigeration solution in a kitchen (and I don't cook). I would not be happy with a kitchen that didn't have a full size fridge/freezer even if there was one in an adjacent room.

That said, here are ours:

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Here is ours, a Jenn Air. Like beagles', it has 2 sections ... although not as pretty as hers with the glass cover and white sides. Fairly quiet, a decent workhorse.

But, like beagles, I also feel it would be unworkable as the sole refrigeration in a kitchen. We use it for milk and berries and ice and other coffee station / smoothie fixings. As a main fridge, not a hope. Interior usable space fridge space is 19" wide. I can't imagine a single 19" deep drawer for milk, produce, and other daily use stuff.

Even just as a produce drawer alone it would drive me nuts ... the depth alone makes in impractical. I have 2 x 27" wide 9" deep drawers for produce in my regular fridge, love that they keep fruits and veggies at their proper humidity and that said fruits and veggies aren't all piled up on each other in a jumble. Could not do that with a drawer fridge, let alone store the other things I'd want handy to a prep zone.

My $.02 only, and worth what you paid for it. :) Good luck whatever way you decide to go.

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We used a 24" all refrigerator and a built in under counter freezer. Here is the freezer.

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