Petmate double door or Aran 3 double door pet carrier for cats?

esther_bDecember 23, 2013

Just took my giant Maine Coon and my diminutive rescue kitty to the vet today for their annual shots and checkup. Getting them through the door of my 20 year old Vari-Kennel was quite difficult, as the little cat spread her limbs out to avoid being put into the carrier. Then, at the vet's, they were difficult to remove from the cat carrier. I told myself right at that moment, "Time for a double-door pet carrier!" My vet agreed.

So I've been looking online exhaustively at double-door pet carriers and it's down to two: The Petmate double door and the Marchioro Aran 3 double door. Petmate gets great reviews all over the web, but my cats like to have me finger-pet them while I'm driving them to the vet, and the irregular holes on the sides would make that a bit difficult. The Aran 3, although some people gave negative reviews on it, especially on the apparently poorly written assembly instructions, has regular side slots which would make it easier to reassure my cats on the ride to the vet. Also, you can get optional wheels for the Aran. The Coon weighs 12 lbs. by herself and the little girl weighs just shy of 7 lbs. They like to be in the same carrier on the way to the vet to give each other courage, it calms them.

So, has anyone had experience with either of these double-door carriers, and can you please share it with me?


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Im sorry but I can't help you with this. I have just resigned myself to the fact that it will be a fight to stuff my older cat in her carrier every time we go to the vet. I usually sneak the carrier into the bathroom and then grab her and get in there, shut the door and try to keep her legs close to her body as we stuff her in. This is a two man job. I dont think even a two door would help in her case.
With the kittens, I kept the carrier in plain view for a long time, they used it as a play space and do not regard it with fear and loathing. Going to the vet is easy but they are only a year and a half so perhaps havent yet built up the association. Also they dont seem to mind the vet as they get treats after shots.

The older cat has to go to the vet much more regularly to be monitored, and has blood taken and is prodded and poked so I do not blame her at all. Fortunately she just freezes in fear on the vet table and is quite easy to treat when she is there. But I still feel bad for her.

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The Aran looks narrower, but before buying either I would get measurements of the openings on each brand. The doorway on those types of carriers are usually narrow.

Personally I prefer the soft sided, collapsible carriers. They're very easy to get cats in and out of and I believe there are now some brands that have tiny openings that allow you to interact with your pet.

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