Is this layout good to go?

sun2007March 1, 2013

I believe I've finalized my layout but would love any critique!

Thoughts on switching the fridge and Microwave/Oven location?
There will be drawers and upper cabinets on both sides of the hood. No uppers on the wall with kitchen cleanup sink (due to upper windows along that wall). The prep sink is drawn on the corner of the island.

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How much room do you have between the island and the table? It looks snug, like people won't be able to walk between the table and island if anyone is sitting there.

Where do you plan to put your dishes? Some could go in the end of the island, but that would eat a bit of the sitting space. Another option might be to move the sink a little farther toward the top edge of the window. Then a few (stressing few) of the dishes could go in a lower to the right of the DW.

Is the 4' doorway on the left set in stone? I'd love to see the fridges and pantry cupboards slide up closer to the range, but that might not be possible. Your range wall looks nice to work at, I bet you'll enjoy the expanse of counter and the big island directly behind it.

I'm a bit conflicted on your M/O placement. I don't think it's in a bad spot per se, but you're a bit short on landing space because of the sink location. I like the sink there though, since it can be used by more than one user and leaves you lots of open space on the island to work at.

Is that a little snack type setup in the bottom corner with an upper and a lower and a snatch of counter? Here is what I might do if that's what it is. From the top down: Fridge, M/O, snack counter, pantry, pantry. This would give you a bit of extra landing room for hot items exiting the oven and micro as well as a bit of space for snackers to set their things as they use the mw.

Hopefully some others will chime in.

Best wishes. : )

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oh, i like that laughable! great idea to move that landing space up next to m/o (and switch fridge and m/o)
thank you!

i hope some others chime in as well, i've looked and analyzed this so much, i'm cross eyed :)

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I like laughable's ideas -- definite improvement in having more landing space above the microwave. It looks like a great layout in terms of prep space -- you've got two really good, distinct areas to prep in which don't overlap with your other zones, in a nutshell this is what makes a kitchen function well.

One last thought -- with your two zones, I'd give each of your sinks its own pullout trash -- near the prep sink and to the left of the cleanup sink -- since the two areas are staggered, it will be really nice not to have to schlep your refuse from one area or the other. It may cost you some drawer space, but you'll be glad you did it.

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I"m a little concerned with the 42" aisle between the end of the table and pantry run. Is that intended for a chair? If someone is sitting there, you'll have at best a 20" space or so for a walkway

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