Another PEX question

apg4November 26, 2012

The dishwasher I'm replacing (in another thread) has a PEX tee and valve in the crawl space off the 1/2" copper supply to the kitchen sink. Now I seem to recall some problem with PEX plumbing in the past, and this fitting is the same age as the dishwasher: 25 years or so.

A web search didn't uncover any issues, but there were references to PEX made with and w/o an "oxygen barrier".

Should the tee and fitting be replaced or is there any way to tell if the piping has the so-called oxygen barrier?


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Got my terminology mixed up. It's gray and is QEST - and although it has compression fittings as opposed to those compression 'bands' - yeah, there have been problems. Pro'lly going with "sharkbite" fittings. I hate having to solder over my head in a tiny space....

I don't know about y'all, but every year the crawl space access grows a little smaller.... ;-)

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