Puppy throwing up yellow, won't eat or drink...

rondartDecember 23, 2006

My brothers dog has been throwing up for about 2 days now. He just started throwing up randomly one morning and has had continued every since all day. He's not very engetic anymore, just wants to sleep all the time and doesn't want to eat or drink anything. He's only about 12 weeks old. We've been trying to get him to eat and drink but no go. Vet is a last resort right now for $$ reasons. Any help would be great, thanks in advanced.

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The dog sounds seriously sick, and getting sicker by the moment. Money may be an issue, but it really sounds like the dog needs to go to the vet. A 12-week-old puppy is like a human baby, not a good idea to see if he will recuperate on his own from this type of illness. The vet may have a payment plan, and you certainly should go now before the only solution is an ER visit.

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Please take your puppy to the vet. It could be parvo or distemper if he has not had his shots. What are you thinking? The baby is sick, money or not, he needs to be taken care of !

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Sounds like very possibly parvo, in which case the puppy will likely die if not given immediate veterinary treatment. If he's been throwing up for 2 days, he's almost certainly dangerously dehydrated, and it's the dehydration that will kill him.

Get him to the vet NOW if you want to save him.


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It isn't mine but I told him to when he first told me about it. But I'm sure this will get him to go finally if he wants to keep the dog...

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How sad that this is posted late Saturday night on Christmas weekend. Probably the only available vets are in an ER clinic. This dog is badly dehydrated and the treatment for that is to administer subcutaneous fluids, not something that can be done by a novice at home.

This is a life or death issue, not a matter of someone deciding whether or not he wants to "keep" the dog. I wonder if we'll ever know what happened to this poor animal.

Why do people adopt animals if they can't afford vet care?

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If you can't afford to take the dog for vet care then you shouldn't have one. Plain and simple.
It's only going to get more expensive the longer you wait and care like this is only the tip of the iceberg. You will need to take your dog in for regular vaccinations and exams throughout the year. You should have had a series of vaccines already that run in the neighborhood of $150-300 Finding a new home for the dog isn't shameful but keeping the dog and not caring for it properly IS.
As was mentioned, the only vet open today is the Emergency hosptial and they run about double what the regular vet costs. I'd also tend to guess they will put your puppy on medicine for about a week and special food.

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I doubt if any of what we write really matters at this point. The OP's brother was unwilling to spend the money to take his pup to the vet when he first fell ill during regular office hours. I can't imagine he's going to pay the extra for emergency services today, and the pup will probably be dead by Christmas.


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And they'll probably have a new one by new years.

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I would like to know how this dog is, unfortunately the OP has no e mail in the My Page section. HMMMMM

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On some member pages, including Rondart's, the email address is hidden under 'Journal'. That mess happened at the same time that all user names lost their capitalization.

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I was going to respond on the 24th when I first read this. I had nothing pleasant to say & felt nauseated as I typed my reply & aborted. Poor, poor puppy.

"this will get him to go finally if he wants to keep the dog..." ???????????????

HELLO! I am disgusted, beyond words. Where there is a will, there is a way to get that puppy the vet care needed. My blood preasure is rising. I'm on a very fixed budget as I'm disabled & a widow. However, if I were in that situation, I'd cut back somewhere, somehow to help that doggy. I have a very simple life without luxuries, but that would not stop me from taking care of an innocent creature depending on a human to do the right thing. I want to say more......but will quit now as my blood is boiling.

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I too adopted a sick puppy. Fortunatly I took her to the vet. She ended up having a tapeworm. She was not eating, throwing up and had very loose stools. She needs constant care, weighing less than 2 pounds. We get up in the middle of the night evry 2 hrs to feed her with a syringe and give her water. NutriCal has probably saved her life. She truely is our Christmas gift. She and this sick puppy we are reading about need our prayers.

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Since the original post is over a YEAR old, I'm pretty certain the pup is long dead.

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It's so important to get puppies vaccinated immediately to stop them from getting parvo or other life-threatening illnesses, and also imperative to take them to the vet right away when they are sick. Pets depend on us and can't fend for themselves.

People who aren't regulars on these forums often share problems and don't come back to tell us how things came out. Let's hope that was the case with rondart, and that the brother's puppy recovered.

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I thought this all sounded familiar...
This thread is from a year ago.

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is your dog still alive?

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why even have a forum if all you are going to do is say GO TO A VET, TARDS

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my puppie has been throwing up yellow for a day and wont eat or drink.all she wants is to sleep . what do i do.

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Is 2014...and I just would like to know if the puppy is ok...is he?my puppy just vomited and does not eat for 4 days.before that she was eating great now she just does not want to know.i tried all kind of food to make her eat but she only smells it and walks away.she is 3 months old daniff.she lost weight, very skinny.taking her to vet in 2 days.

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She hasn't been eating for 4 days and you are waiting 2 more days? Take her now before it's too late.

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