Ever tried to shock a green pool with the pump off? Will it work?

etbrown4March 4, 2012

My pump is out of service due to some major re-piping.

Curious if any Pros or others have ever tried to shock a greenpool with the pump off? Will it work?

My water level is drained down 30" for the winter and I want to get the water clear for some leak testing on the pool structure.

Please let me know if you have succeeded at turning a pool from green to clear with no circulation?

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You can chlorinate and/or shock a pool without a pool pump but it just takes a little more effort. After applying you will need to manually circulate the water so there is somewhat even distribution.

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thanks mas985! Is this something you have tried?
Did the green fall to the bottom?

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This depends on how green the pool is and how clear you need the pool. Nothing I know of will get you get from green to clean, in 24 hours, with or without the pump on. If you just need it so the people working on the lines can see the sides, bring it to shocking level and carefully moving the water around without touching the walls or bottom may do it. Stirring it up is not good.


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What type of pool is it Vinyl, Gunite or Fiberglass?

It may or may not clear but the safest thing to do is just hit it hard with bleach.....If it is Vinyl that is all
I would use...

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"Is this something you have tried?"
Yes, once but I know of many others who have done this as well.

"Did the green fall to the bottom?"
Dead algae is grey not green and some of it should settle to the bottom but your primary objective should be to keep the algae under control so the pool doesn't turn into a swamp and so the clean doesn't become worse. You probably won't be able to completely clear up the pool until the pump is running again.

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