help me decide between open or closed cabinet

mopsmdMarch 19, 2013


So I have to decide today/tomorrow whether to do an open L-shaped cabinet next to my sink window, or keep it closed. If it were open I'd put in tea pots and cups and other pretty things.

I have white shaker inset, and there will be some kind of built in archway over the sink, kind of a valence but it will be closed off so you can't see up to the ceiling under it.

What are your thoughts?


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Here's the 2nd image, with open cabinet

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I like the open cabinet. It gives interest and variety.

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Thanks. That's what I was wondering. And I also was thinking it would get rid of the hinged door, of which the left part is a very narrow one.

But do open cabinets ever look like you just are in the middle of replacing a door? That's my fear!

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My daughter did hers that way and now the house is for sale buyers keep negatively commenting on it. We both liked it but in a family sized home people seem to perfer the hidden storage.If you do it please consider getting and storing the doors flat above the cabs so they would be added later if needed. She was told trying to match the colors although its only been a couple if years was not going to be exact.

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That's a good point -- though it would only be me at this point deciding I didn't like the open on. (This is our forever home and I have no plans to move until I'm forced into a nursing home.) I wish I could just make the decision whether to go open or closed once they start to install. The only thing is if I order it open, the interior gets upgrade to painted finish to match the exterior. If I decide to use the door, I then I'll have one cabinet interior painted but the others a birch finish. Will that start to bug me?

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We upgraded hers by adding wainscoating to the back of the cab. to make it look like it was a more purposefully done cab. Prior to that it was the same finish as the front of the cabs That stained to the floor color stopped the whinning from buyers. If you decided to switch yours out at some point it would be simple enough to paint it a color close to the color in the other cabs so it didn,t bother you to see the diff when opening the doors. If it still bothered you , you could always paint or paper the inside of all the cabs. Paper would be easier , just pull out all the shelves and slap up the paper put the shelves back in and done. I have done both and painting sucked .

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Have you considered doing glass doors for the corner cabinet? It seems like it might be the best of both worlds, you could still see your teapots and decorative items, but not have it look like a door was missing or deal with the dust and grime that can make open shelves more difficult to live with, especially for decorations. Down the road if you ever do have to sell, you could at least attach curtains to the inside of the glass doors to offer a buyer more "closed" storage.

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I love the look of a glass paneled door, but those open cabinets just seem to look unfinished to me.
I like the idea of having the door made just in case. You really never know your circumstances and as madeyna points out, it is a turn off to some people.

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I love glass doors too but this is a hinged double door for a corner cabinet, so I don't think they do glass inserts -- especially because the smaller door is really narrow. Maybe I should ask because that might be a nice touch.

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I like the looks of the open shelving but I hide too much behind the doors.... So, closed is my choice unless you have a big kitchen!

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Is there a different spot in the kitchen where you could incorporate a display shelf? I love looking at teapots and teacups on display, too. : ) I have a friend whose talented husband built her shelves that ran along the wall just a few inches below the ceiling and that is where she displayed (some) of her teacup collection. I think some of the shelves might have run between the window frame and ceiling,and maybe even over the doorways. It's been a while since we've visited, so I'm sketchy on the details.

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Perhaps make the open shelf stand out with the beadboard back and a shaped valance to set it off. Look on and you will see kitchens with open shelves. Here is an example.

Traditional Kitchen by Fairfax Kitchen And Bath Kleppinger Design Group, Inc.

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Do you have a separate pantry? If not, I'd close it since it looks like that should be for food storage

We looked at a kitchen our cabmaker did that was just like yours. Over the long counter to the right of the window, they had a center closed cabinet between two narrower glass cabinets that showed off a cookie jar collection.

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Thanks for the good ideas and thoughts. Quiltgirl thanks for the Houzz pictures -- I've been on that site for hours today looking for such images! I had also thought about the valence -- but not sure it'll work with a corner cab -- and the beadboard which I do think would help. Funny my KD didn't even suggest it, but I think she's anxious for me to go ahead and make my decision! We've made a lot of changes to the original plans over the past several weeks, though most of them were instigated by her.

My husband is worried the open shelve might get messy -- since I actually use my teapots and cups and other pretty things, and I guess I worry that I'll get tired of it and then it'll be too late. So we are going to go with closed. I still wish I could decide last minute, but I don't want to bother with having to repaint my new cabinet shelves/interior if I decide I don't like it.

Am thinking of putting a shelf on the wall opposite the sink, which is the walkway through the kitchen. And then I can put my teapots up there! (Except the few I use regularly.)

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