Neighbor tapping into sump pump line

patrice607November 10, 2011

I hooked my sump pump up to the storm sewer (with the village's assistance) years ago. Now, my neighbor wants to tap into my line. I am afraid this will overwhelm the pipe and cause problems for me. The pipe coming out of the house has an air gap, so I assume the first thing that would happen would be water pouring out next to the foundation. I am afraid that too much water in the pipe could burn our my pump and flood my basement. His landscapers are here now digging trenches and I have asked the village to send their inspector over ASAP. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Politely tell the neighbor your concerns. It's your pipe, you don't have to let them use it.

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Tell him to place his own line.

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Curious as to what you and the neighbors decided. I'm with Doug and Brickeyee. You don't want to be sorry later. It wont be any skin off his nose if it backs up into your yard!

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Like the others, I think your fear is well-founded -- that you will probably have problems down the road if you allow it.

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