New House Selection Meeting coming up soon...advice/tips

minnesotaguy28November 12, 2010

Our selection meeting is actually tomorrow and I just wanted to see if any one has any advice:

Our builder seems to be using Pro Flo for everything plumbing wise, from the whirlpool tub to the toilets

We are on a strict budget, but I am considering taking the credit for the Toilets and purchasing my own. I have read a lot of good things about the Toto Drake, which seems to have good performance at a good price. $107 Credit per Toilet

I also plan to take the credit for the stainless steel sink and get a Granite sink (love the one my mom has) $88 Credit

As far as fixtures we are going with the basic ones I suspect (which is the meeting tomorrow)

The oil rubbed bronze ones (like in the model we looked at) are a little out of our price range and we saw fit to spend that money in other areas.

We have also went back and forth with having the builder install a water softener for us, until I read a lot of posts saying you can get a better system a lot of times for much cheaper. He quoted us $711 for a Northstar Water Softener.

Another question I have is we are having the carpenter build us wood pedestals (just one platform that both washer and dryer sit on) to set the front load washer and dryer on in the laundry room. The model home had a pan that the washer would sit in incase of over flow, with the pedestals the pan won't work, so the plumber said he could cut a hole in the pedestal and keep the floor drain on the floor. He also said he could bring drain up from the floor and have the drain on the pedestal. Does it matter? Under the pedestals will be an area to keep small laundry hampers and a pipe in the middle going up to meet the floor of the pedestals might make the space under the washer unusable.

Any info/tips/ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Take the $711 credit for the Northstar... if you want a disposable softener get a Sears for less, it's the same thing.

You will be smarter having the builder leave a softener loop (intercepting the water service), drain, and AC outlet and then bringing in a local water treatment professional to test your water and quote your needs.

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Thanks Justalurker, our builder did state that there will be a loop incase we wanted to add one in the future. There is a Outlet nearby on the plans and a floor drain in the mechanical room

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The drain and outlet should be proximate to the softener loop for the easiest softener install.

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