Can a utility pump be used to drain a basement sink?

figure2November 23, 2010

We have a utility sink in the basement in which the bottom drain is below the home's main drain. The under-sink pump is over 20 years old and burned out. The existing pump didn't cost more than $70 - $80 but new ones seem to be in the $200 - $250 range.

This is not a good time for me to spend that kind of money so I was wondering if a cheaper utility pump could do the job for the time being. The existing setup does not share hoses with the washer or any other plumbing fixtures.

The sink is primarily used for washing hands, cleaning paint brushes and other small washing tasks.



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The pump could be used. I had to do an emergency something similar over a Christmas holiday. I grabbed one of those Rubbermaid containers with a lid on it we had laying around, dropped the pump in making sure the float wouldn't snag on anything, cut some holes in the lid to match the piping, added a check valve right at the outlet of the pump (stops sewer or septic gases. I do suggest venting it.

Now, when I added up all the costs if I would have bought everything...It would have come to about $125-$150. I was in Home Depot this evening after I had read your post earlier. They have a great under sink pump that is completely sealed and made for the job for $198.00. If you are a Veteran or know one, HD gives a 10% discount for anything over $100. Just show them a copy of your DD214. If you are a regular shopper, they'll copy the DD214, shrink it down to credit card size for easier future use.

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