Toilet Tank Flush Lever - Not Square??

sem67November 10, 2010

I do not see a brand anywhere on the toilet. But the hole in the tank where the flush lever passes through is round, not square as commonly found. The hole is round, with two "grooves" that would keep the replacement lever from spinning.

I checked around locally, and also called a larger plumbing supplies company. No one seems to have ever heard of any lever being anything but square where it passes through the tank. For a temporary fix, I've wrapped a new square lever with electrical tape and jammed it through the tank. So far, so good. But it's not right.

Anyone hear of such a lever, and where one could be sourced?



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Hmmm...Can't say I've seen such a thing, and I've seen a lot of toilets in my 25 year plumbing career. Is it a real old toilet? I know there were some odd designs way back when. Try a plumbing supply store or an old hardware store in the old downtown part of the nearest big city where you live. A lot of times they have some oddball stuff there...-TheCaptain

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