New pipes and Shower won't work!

shakes13tNovember 9, 2012

First off, I'm in the Bahamas and things here are not done in any particular way. We have three houses and one hot water heater in a shed. I just installed two new showers - the kind with a hot and cold knob and a shower head and a tub faucet. The cold water was working well in both, for the shower and bath, but the hot water wasn't - it just sort of trickled and wasn't very warm. We couldn't find where the hot water pipes from the showers went to, they just sort of disappeared into the yard, so I ran new pipes from the hot water heater to the showers and capped the old pipes. Now the showerheads aren't getting any pressure - hot and cold just barely dribble. The tub faucets are fine, hot water and good pressure. Please help as my boyfriend is going to kill me if he can't take a shower soon.

Thank you so, so, so much for any help!

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I have had mixers get clogged with debris, like, solder, etc. Do you have mixers or just a cold valve off the cold supply and a hot valve off the hot supply?

hot and cold sink faucets in the bathrooms are ok?

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