Water Softener Plumbing Question

nochinsNovember 16, 2012

I currently have a 1 inch copper watar incoming supply line that was reduced to 3/4 pipe(elbow reducers on in and out flow and fittings at the Culligan bypass valve). I am planning to replace my broken 25 year old Culligan Mark 27 softener and my question is, Should I change the copper pipe back to accept 1 inch bypass valve when I buy a new softener,(Is this a better plumbing setup)? Thank you

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Usually plumbing dimensions are chosen based on the mathematics of the demand so assume yours was. If you are replacing the softener then a return to 1" will, at least, keep the supply and return consistent with the plumbing.

You will also want to choose a softener with a control valve sized for 1" internally (IE: Clack WS1 or Fleck 7000 instead of a Fleck 5600 or 2510) to keep things consistent.

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Sorry for a new thread, Is this a correct plumbing installation to incorporate a 3-way ball valve bypass(as suggested by justalurker)? Also, Is the return side plumbing correct with the tee and shutoff valve to prevent backflow when the softener is bypassed? Thanks, I am a DIY with some limited skills.

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The correct supply and return orientation is determined by the supply and return on the control valve.

Do it this way (using 1/4 turn quality full bore ball valves not gate valves as in the second pic) and eliminate the 2-way ball shut-off valve on the LH side in your picture...

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Please ignore "not gate valves as in the second pic" from my previous post as the illustrations do show 1/4 turn ball valves

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Thank you justalurker for your help and expertise!

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Hello Noch,
Spend the money & purchase 3 high-quality full-bore brass valves (No Lead). Lurk & Alice know what they are talking about with setting-up water softeners. I could not be happier with the new softener we just installed they specd out for me. I had my plumber buddy sweat-in 3 of these valves & they work perfect.

It gives you the ability to close-off the softener anytime for any reason & still have constant water flow to your home. Depending on if you go with 3/4" or 1" they come in both sizes, $15-$20 each. I am not a fan of HD, not sure if you have one close by? But they had some really nice ones that I bought for the job.

If you are not well versed with prepping/sweating copper, hire a good plumber to do it for you & you can supply the valves so you know they are correct/high-quality. It will not take much time if he is a PRO. You will not regret doing your softener this way.

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