Question about yard grading around pool 22, 2011

The builder backfilled the dirt around the edge of our pool and I'm a little concerned about the grading but wanted to get some opinions.

A little background: prior to the pool install our backyard had a low spot in the very middle (where the pool is now), and then gradually got higher as you went toward the fences before sloping off immediately within 2 feet of the fence line for drainage.

The builder installed our pool and deck at the same height as our existing patio, which I wanted, but because it was put int the low spot, it left about a 6-8 rise above the yard around the pool. They backfilled the edges with dirt and will eventually sod over the dirt.

My concern is that the slope of the backfilled dirt seems to be fairly steep - I would guess somewhere between 30-40 degrees - from the coping of the pool to the rest of the yard. Is this a normal amount? I don't want it to look like our pool is on a small hill, I want it to look like it's pretty even with the rest of the yard. But I understand some slope is necessary to keep rainwater from draining into the pool.

Also, what's normal with regard to sod that butts up to the coping: sod equal height with coping or sod just below coping?

Sorry for the long post - I will put up pictures as soon as I get home, but hopefully can get some assistance in the meantime.

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Best to have the pool as the high point in the yard for obvious reasons. I usually try to slope the yard away from the pool and use area landscape drains to transfer water to a location of my choosing such as the street gutter in front of the house.
Height of lawn and landscaping will vary from level to the top of the deck to a couple inches below the deck. These areas should always slope away from the pool. Using the same slope as the deck is probably a good reference point.
Try to avoid having puddles of water near the edges of the concrete deck. Good luck.

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Our yard is 6-8" higher at the backside of the pool, sod goes right up to the coping. We are on year 2 of the pool and it hasn't been an issue at all.

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