Samsung French-Door fridge, anyone?

Laura517March 9, 2013

I am in the market to buy our refrigerator for our new home. I have looked and looked and every time I think I found one I go online and read negative reviews about it. For example, I thought I was sold on the GE Profile but it got lousy reviews for mechanical failures.
My friend has recommended the Samsung 28 cu ft with the 4th drawer. I like the idea of using this fourth drawer for kids drinks and snack foods, but really do not like the large LED panel on the water/ice dispenser. Should I just get over it because it gets great reviews and seems like it has the best storage system and the in-door ice maker. I will have a white shaker style kitchen and like things to look somewhat traditional. Please help!

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I have the Samsung and I absolutely LOVE it. Several people have also bought one after seeing mine. I have zero complaints about it, and nothing but love.

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By some chance is it a counter depth? I am looking for a french door counter depth and haven't found one that has rave reviews, if there is such a thing.

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I have a Samsung french door counter depth and I love it! Have only had it 7 months however, so I don't have any long term info on it's reliability, but so far so good.


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I have a counter-depth 23cu. ft. Samsung. I have ice and water in the door so that takes up some of the refrigerator space but we wanted that feature. Because its just my DH and me the fridge is usually half empty but we find that there is plenty of room when we fill the refrigerator up parties and when having family staying at our house.
I have had the refrigerator for just over a year and its "chillin" just fine. When we first got the fridge I did not like the way the freezer drawer opened. I went back to the so called high end appliance store where we bought it and they blew us off saying that's just the way it is because its counter depth. Months later I saw the same model at Sears and saw that the freezer door opened up much further than ours. Went back to the appliance store and this time they said, "sorry its out of warranty". Couldn't believe the way they treated us after spending thousands with them.
We called Samsung customer service and they were fantastic. They told us it was still under warranty because we had registered it on line (that gave us an extra 6 months). They made arrangements to have someone come within a couple days. The service man came and verified our concerns, ordered new door rails, came back a week later and installed them. Love how it opens now!
Samsung reps. kept in touch with us the whole time. Calling to see check on the results of the service call. Calling to tell us the parts were shipped. Calling to make sure we received them. Calling to schedule installation. Follow up call to make sure we were satisfied with the repair.
It was the best customer service I have ever received. The service technician that came to the house said that it was highly unusual to have a problem with the freezer rails and he told us that overall he has not seen many problems with the Samsung refrigerators.

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We've had it a year and a half and also love it. We have the regular-sized (full depth) Samsung french door without the in-door ice maker (don't like how they look on the outside, they take up too much fridge space, and extra mechanics to break). It has a water dispenser in the fridge (which we don't use) and the ice in the freezer. We looked at all of them that had the "deli" drawer full width of the fridge, and this one was the best for our needs. We love the led lighting in the fridge and freezer. It's very quiet. The glass shelves are sturdy and easy to clean, and the shelves and door bins are very adjustable. This model has such nice deep veggie bins, which was important for us. I like how counter-depth fridges look, but would hate to loose the space in the veggie bins and deli drawer.

The only downside to this fridge is that it's in the dining room and not in a beautiful finished kitchen, but that's our fault and not the fridge's. When all is said and done, there will be 30"-deep counters on one side and the laundry closet on the other, so it should look built-in enough for us.

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we've had a samsung french door for a few years now and absolutely love it! ours has an interior water line and ice maker.

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robo (z6a)

I will caution that I just bought the 28.5 cu foot (haven't turned it on yet) and it is a monster! The cabinet width (not door) is 35.75 and although the installation specs are a little coy ("allow sufficient space") I think if you dig deep enough they recommend 2" on either side for air flow!! I wasn't planning on having a 40" fridge cavity! That said it's a beautiful monster.

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My sis has that big Samsung and loves it like a child, FWIW. You might get more detailed info at the Appliance Forum.

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Robotropolis, I find it interesting that the 28 cubic ft. French door refrigerators have the same width and height measurements as my 23 cubic ft. one does. I guess all the extra cubic ft. space is due to the depth of the fridge 33-1/8 vs 28-1/2 for counter depth and also maybe the absence of the indoor ice/ water mechanism.
Regardless, just wanted to note that I have almost no clearance on the sides. A couple inches in the back and about 1 inch at the top. Samsung does suggest having 2 inches on the sides but the manuel says,
"Allow clearance to the right, left, back and top when installing. This will help reduce power consumption and keep your energy bills lower." It doesn't say it will otherwise affect the refrigerator. So I didn't worry about the energy efficiency and let it be installed with very minimal clearance on the sides.
I don't think you really need to allow a total of 4 inches for side clearances.
My refrigerator has been working fine for about 15 months without 2 inches of space on each side

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We have the 26 cubic feet one, without the 4th drawer. Got a killer deal on it at Lowe's--only $800. We've had it about a month and love it so far. We went from a tiny, bare bones fridge to this one. I love that you can turn either icemaker on or off independently. Right now we have the freezer one turned off. It's too cold here in the northeast still to drink many iced beverages.

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robo (z6a)

Thanks badgergal! I was thinking of cheating with 1" each on the sides and 2" on the top, now you've given me hope! Maybe I'll even go down to 0.75" on the sides.

They say that the same dimensions now give bigger interior space because...something about thinner walls and 'smart configuration.' Whatever that means.

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Wow thank you everyone! Not one negative comment about the Samsung french door fridge. Now I just have to decide which exact model to purchase. I love that 4th drawer option!

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We have the Samsung FD as well, without the 4th drawer, and no icemaker on the outside. It does make ice, though, and deposits it in a plenty-large-enough-for-us bin. We can also turn off the ice if we wish. We've had it for a year and have had no problems with it. We'd buy it again.

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We have a Samsung FD, standard depth. The one with the ice in the freezer, no ice or water in the door. My only negative comment is that a stray ice cube or 2 frequently gets pushed over the back of the ice bin when you open the freezer. It falls into the bottom of the freezer and then onto the floor. A bit annoying, but not a major problem. I also wish it came with an ice scoop, but I bought one so that's NBD.

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I have the Samsung CD French Door and absolutely love it. We are losing it in the sale of our house though, so when I get around to buying another for our new house, will absolutely get another.

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We also have one and love it. We have the one with the interior water, which is a feature I quite like. I like not having to constantly wipe up drips from the front door.

Ours did come with an ice scoop, but we do have the issue of stray ice cubes in bottom freezer door too.

Also, I'm not sure if I have a different finish, but mine is the ' stainless' look, and it's magnetic, which true stainless is not.
My kids love this.

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drybean, I have stainless and magnets stick. Apparently there are different stainless "ingredients."

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I have the baby 19 cubic foot one. It's worked for a year, no complaints! Doesn't fit a gallon of milk, but that doesn't concern me, I've never purchased a gallon at a time.

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Linelle-ah, of course there are! I'm honestly not sure if mine is stainless or stainless-look something else, but i love it either way.

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Yes, ours is the brushed-stainless look on the doors, but it's steel/magnetic, which we also like. Hardly any fingerprints. Someone said the finish may be hard to match to other appliances, but I'm not too uptight about those kinds of things. Sides are gray-painted steel, obv also magnetic.

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So I'm sold on the Samsung but there are about 20 different models!
If your family drinks a lot of water would you buy the Samsung with the water/ice dispenser on the outside? It seems to make sense to me. We don't have this feature on our current fridge and we have to keep a Brita water pitcher in our fridge now.
My DDs and DH are trained to drink from the Brita and fill their reusable water bottles as opposed to drinking store bought water bottles. Will I hate having to wipe up the overfill water on the outside??? Is it better to have the water dispenser inside the fridge? Does the same thing happen on the inside with the spills when filling a glass or bottle with water? We drink a lot of water- not much soda, so this will get a lot of use. Please help me decide. Builder needs to know asap the specs of fridge dimensions since it will be sort of built-in (recessed in wall next to pantry).

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I have the Samsung French door refrigerator with the exterior beverage center and the large interior drawer for cheese and coldcuts. There's an interior shelf that you can lift for so tall bottles will fit. It's 36" wide and counter depth and it has so much space! The freezer is huge. I can't believe how spacious this refrigerator is and I totally recommend it.

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Sorry, can't help you Laura517. Our city tap water is great quality and tastes good, so we don't use the filtered water button on the inside of the fridge. The filter is in there (came with one), but we only used the dispenser once to say "ooh, cool, it works." For us, the exterior water/ice dispenser was a non-starter -- too much wasted space in the fridge. Would rather have that extra door storage space for more beer! If we needed filtered water, I think we'd put an under-counter filter at our beverage/prep sink instead rather than give up precious fridge space. FWIW, we really like the Samsung ice dispenser in the freezer -- makes a lot of ice quickly, easy to get to.

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We have a Samsung CD 36" french door fridge with the ice/water in the door. I love it. This is the first time we've had ice/water in the door. I understand that this part of any fridge is more repair-prone than other parts, but the convenience is worth it to me. I love being able to quickly get a glass of ice for a drink, and find I need less beverage storage in the fridge because of it. My children can get their own glasses of water more easily now - no dragging a step stool over to the sink (and leaving the faucet dripping - but that's another story.)

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As I mentioned previously we have the Samsung with the ice/water dispenser in the door. Had it in our previous fridge and never had a repair in the 10+ years we owned it. With this new Samsung we have only had water drips down the door a couple times in the past 15 months. The key is to train family members to wait a second or two before removing the glass after stopping the water flow so that the last drops of water go in the glass.

I did forget to mention in my previous response that when ice is made and drops into the storage bucket it makes a fair amount of noise. After a short while it just became another household noise that we barely notice. Guests will exclaim, "what was that?" but we just pretend we don't know what they are talking about. Try to make them think they are having an auditory hallucination!

Even with the noisy ice dropping, we still like the ice and water in the door.

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Ice maker noise aside (seems common to all brands' freezers), how to you Samsung owners find the refrigerator noise? Do you hear the twin compressors cycle, and if so, any how loud is it?

For those without the fourth whole width drawer in a CD Samsung, how much swing of the french door do you need to remove a single drawer? Major door swing issue in my house: fixed wall to right of refrigerator, maybe 120 degree arc allowance. I'd love to find a refrigerator solution soon so I can order my cabinets (fridge overhead cabinet included).

Thank you very much.

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I have a fixed wall on the left of my fridge that sticks out about 6 inches further than my fridge. That door opens just over 90 degrees and I can open the crisper drawer on that side almost all the way (it's an inch less which isn't really an issue), but when I want to remove it, I will have to pull the fridge out a bit. Not a big deal to me since you supposedly should clean under the fridge once in a while and that will require pulling it out as well. LOL.

This fridge is much quieter than the 6 year old basic top freezer model I had prior.

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Sparklingwater, the refrigerator motor/compressor is not noisy at all.

According to the Samsung website: "If you're installing the refrigerator next to a fixed wall, the minimum clearance is 3-þâ between the refrigerator and the wall to allow the door to swing open."

I just checked the door swing on my Samsung. When doors are open as far as the hinges allow, they are not open 180 degrees. Sorry I don't know the exact degree but it appears to be about half way between 90 and 180 so I guess that would put it at about 135 degrees. Not sure if the hinges are the same on all Samsung models. Guess you will have to take your angle measuring skills to the appliance store to check it out for sure on the refrigerator you want to buy.

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