need something soothing for scratched spots

bizabetDecember 1, 2010

My cat will be off to the doc on MOn to have the radioactive iodine treatment for his hyperthyroid. WE took him off the tapazole on monday but he is STILL digging his poor face! I thought it would be getting better but it seems to be worse, even tho he is on a steroid. Is there anything non medicated--like an oatmeal rinse or saline or something--that I can do to ease him? I'm really worried about an infection.

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I believe Benedryl makes a spray for bug bites. It is topical. Check with your vet first though. Maybe you can spray some onto your fingers, and then rub it on your kitty's face? Poor thing. Cats do lick their paws and then rub their faces, so make sure it is okay with your vet. Has the vet suggested an antihistamine like benedryl yet?

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I'm so glad you're having the I-131 treatment on Monday and that he's off the Tapazole. To make sure that you don't put anything on him that may interact or interfere with the I-131, you should call the radioiodine clinic and describe the scratching and sores to them. Follow their advice regarding any treatment of the sores and itching. That way you'll know that any treatment is compatible with the I-131.


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Some people say that green tea bags help - just soak the teabags in warm water until they are soft, then wipe the affected areas with the wet bags or use them as a compress. Shouldn't have any interactions or side effects.

Hope the treatment goes well and your cat gets better quickly!

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Get a product/spray called Calm Coat - this is a miracle for animals - check the site below.

I have a 12-yr. old border collie who gets hot spots - he and I went nuts trying everything to relieve the itch.

During my research, I found wonderful testimonials for this product - ordered it online and wahlaaaa - it WORKS - itching gone!

NO - I don't work for nor represent this company - just use the product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calm Coat for animals

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