4 yr old English Bulldog peeing on husbands side of bed

casey.1234December 15, 2011

I have searched the pets forum and didn't see a similar post, so forgive me if I am asking a repeated question.

My husband and I have an English Bulldog who is 4 years old. He is fully potty trained, but has peed on my husband's side of the bed twice this month. He has peed on our bed before, (maybe a two times in addition to the times mentioned above.) One of those times was on my side of the bed after I went back to work full time. (FYI- we don't have any kids yet.)

I've also notice that in the past few weeks he reacts a bit differently to my husband. My husband rarely raises his voice, but he does get excited when watching sporting events. In the past, the dog would run and hide by me if my husband would yell at the tv. Recently, he barks at my husband in these situations.

My guess is the dog is upset at my husband, but I don't know why the sudden change and what to do about it. My husband is so loving towards the dog and plays better with him than I do, so I don't get it. Any suggestions?

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Is the dog intact or neutered recently? I have an opinion on this that I don't know if I would discuss here but IMO it is hormone related; his and yours.
I breed shelties and have 2 males (one neutered and one intact)and 3 intact females. I go through this periodically with the girls and pretty much constantly with the boys as they compete with each other for rank and my attention.


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He was neutered a couple of years ago honalee.

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Sounds more like a dominance, obedience problem. Is he peeing on the side/legs of the bed or on the surface? If he's in the bed, don't let him on the bed to play and don't let him sleep with you. He has claimed the bed and you need to take back control of it. If he's peeing on the side of the bed, then keep him out of the bedroom for now. What obedience training does he have, who corrects him, and who feeds him?

In the case of his reaction to your husband watching TV, you could have a dog that's sensitive to loud noises or has some anxiety. My dog reacts the same way if we shout at something or suddenly call to each other when the house is quiet.

Have you had him checked to make sure he doesn't have a urinary infection?

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Annz - I feed him, let him out, etc. We both discipline him, but rarely need to. It it just my husband, myself and the dog in the house, so things are pretty calm around here.

The dog peed on the bed, not the leg. I don't think he has a urinary infection because it has only happened twice in several weeks and only on the bed.

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I would consider this a dominance issue, especially because you said he did it once on your side when you started work again.

I agree with the other poster, it's time to keep him out of the bed and if you think he will pee else where, you may want to consider crating him at night just until you make him understand his place in the house. Honestly, it would really help if your husband also started taking turns feeding him/letting him out so the dog will see he is dominant. And I KNOW this will sound mean, but it also helps to occasionally take the bowl of food from him and/or pet him while he's eating. Just pull the dish away, hold it and then after he calmly acknowledges you, put it back. This shows him that you control his food and when he gets it.

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