Gas water heater

bus_driverNovember 8, 2010

I do not want to wrongly disparage any product or manufacturer. I found a natural gas water heater that is the size I need on Craigslist. New at attractive price. American ProLine. Apparently this is the American Water Heater company in TN. My research indicates they may be the manufacturer of the Sears Kenmore and the Whirlpool. Online comments indicate high numbers of problems that may prove impossible to repair. Is my information wrong?

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I'm guessing that that water heater is made by Rheem. There are only 3 manufacturers of water heaters here in the good old USA, Rheem, A.O.Smith and Bradford-White. Most are some variations of Rheem and A.O. (Supposedly Bradford only sells to plumbing professionals like myself.) Most heaters these days have a six year warranty by the factory, covering parts only, and 1 year warranty on labor. You would still have to pay someone labor to repair it if the heater is over a year old. If who you hire services that brand they should have the parts in their truck and be able do deal with the warranty paperwork. The warranty time is determined by the manufacture date. If your buying a deal off of Craigslist, who knows what you are getting. If you are willing to take that risk, that's fine. I'm not familiar with that brand, it's probably as good as any, just the warranty might be an issue. Unless it starts leaking or it malfunctions and burns up it is usally repairable.---The Captain

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Here is a link that might be useful: American

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Hmmm...Looks like a variation of A.O.Smith.

Here is the A.O. website

Again, they are probably as good as any, just be concerned about warranty---The Captain

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I looked at the Whirpool at Lowes. The box notes that it is made by the American Water Heater Company in TN.

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