We made the naughty list!

ladybugfruitDecember 9, 2011

Not really, but WOW, it was definitely the stinky list! Our newest addition Sam decided that my flax seed neck heat wrap was a toy this morning and ripped it apart. What I didn't know is that he ATE some of the flax seeds. Imagine my surprise when after running and playing with toys this evening he suddenly stopped in front of the Christmas tree and left us a "gift!"

He and Tasha were chilling on the couch earlier this morning and you can see the heat wrap (still in tact) on the table.

Needless to say, we decided that some pumpkin would be in order with dinner tonight. Poor guy is having some cannon butt issues. On the bright side, his coat will be extra shiny!

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Ewwww! At least it wasn't chocolate! One of my couch potatoes is a super chocoholic! And I have another one who rips open down duvets!!!

Well, it should pass through him soon enough anyway. Lol!


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Which one is Sam? Of course the 'gift' was right on the velvet tree skirt? Where else? Puts me in mine of my late, dear Siamses mix cat. She only gagged up hair balls in delicate places, mostly down into my computer printers or cable boxes.

My little shelter doggie loves to rip apart beds after I make them. Once a day he travels through the house to all the bedrooms and pulls the covers back.

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Oh no! Sorry, it's not funny but I had to laugh. If it would have been Christmas Eve, Sam could have blamed it on Santa's reindeer.

calliope - cute story about the little shelter dog, I can just picture that.

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honalee- Yes, thank goodness no chocolate..that was our angel beagle back in Christmas 2005...she ate an entire pound! Thankfully we caught it in time(took awhile for hubby to get out of the dog house for leaving it out within smart beagle reach)...of course what saved her life also made my car smell like chocolate vomit for about a month, but I will take it since she was okay. Sadly, the ER knew her for her eating things she wasn't supposed to...some of them we will never figure out how she got them.
schoolhouse - it is funny in retrospect...and makes for a great story, but cleaning up was brutally stinky!!
Calliope - Sam is on the left...we've had him for about 3 weeks now...he just discovered the joy of toys about a week after we had him, unfortunately, I didn't think about him considering my heat pack a toy, and yeah, they always have a knack for finding just the perfect spot don't they?

Sadly, our boy is still struggling with the GI upset and when I checked his gums today, they were pale, so now our sweet boy is having a slumber party at the ER to get IV fluids and something to settle things down in his GI. While not his total normal self, he has still been eating and drinking and pooping (was looking better today) but duh, I spaced on the fact that diarrhea can cause dehydration. Gonna go ahead and do xrays too to make sure there are no obstructions. Poor little guy. I feel terrible. :(

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Well hopefully poor Sam didn't bring a virus to his new home. That would really STINK! But if he is eating and drinking good, like you said, he is probably ok. Maybe nervous a bit too with Christmas and all if you haven't had him long. He looks to me like he is part sheepdog (BC, Ausie, Aus. Cattle dog?) which are all breeds that do not handle change well until they are more experienced with their surroundings. Hope he is feeling better real soon. :)
Puppy kisses to both of them ^^^^^^^

Ginny and the sheltie pack
Gairden's Shelties

Here are two of my couch potatoes. Chocoholic on the left, Painter and his half sister Cricket, the purse opener (which she learned from Painter) on the right.

And their mother
Angel, looking rather, well, angelic. :)

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Both your babies are adorable labybugfruit. What breed is Sam? You may have posted previously but I guess I missed it. I know he will bring lots of joy and happiness into your life and you into his. Poor baby, I hope he is over his episode with the flax seed and everything is back to normal.

What breed of dog is Tasha...........from the shape of her face I'd bet there is some chow in there somewhere.

You may already be aware of "Bad Dog Chronicles" but I have posted a link in case you aren't. This is a site where "Dogs" post stories of their "bad dog deeds". Some of the stories are really funny. I think most doglovers would enjoy it. Sam could even post his story on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bad Dog Chronicles

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Oh no! Hope he's OK!

Looks like he's settled right in though! I have to dog-proof the house if I leave it for any amount of time ... Rocky has some separation issues and wll chew the most unlikely things if he can.

Great pics of all the pups!

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Poor Sam! New on the block and landed in the hospital! Well, now we know flax works on dog's digestive systems too...

Ginny, you've got a couple cute Shelties there. I have two, a sable merle female (that we think may be a double merle actually but aren't sure) and a sable male. I shouldn't even ask if your are barkers too....lol

Bad dog chronicles, what a hoot, thanks for the link Fl gypsy.

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

BDC's is great when you are having one of those days with your dogs...:( And around here, those days are pretty much every day! I have 5 shelties who naturally think they are human and probably smarter than most humans I know! Thanks for sharing the link Gypsy! :)

Jomuir ~ Painter's Daddy is a sable merle. I had 5 puppies in that litter and not one repeat. I can't believe he just turned 7 a week ago! Time does fly when you have puppies in and out. That picture of Angel was taken when that litter was 10 days old. I put a picture up on the gallery of what happens when you breed a white factored bi factored tri with a sable merle. Barkers???? What ever do you mean??? Lol! Actually most of the time they are fairly quiet. They have learned they will have to deal with the rath of Mother!! :)

Ladybug ~ I can just bet when Sam is feeling better, you will have to tie that tree to the ceiling so those two won't knock it over! Sure hope that's soon!


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Ginny, what a beautiful chocoholic and purse opener you have! :) Such precious little faces!! Probably hard to stay mad at them long when they misbehave.
We are not one hundred percent what Sam is, guessing BC, Heeler, maybe australian shepherd mix. I talked the hubby into getting a DNA test for Sam as a Christmas present. LOL, it may be in January though after the ER bill.
Our Sammy boy is home and doing much better..thanks everyone for the concern ;). I felt like such a bad puppy mom leaving my heat wrap out..it's been a long time since we had a young one in the house, it's takes some readjustment.
fl gypsy - Tasha is a brittany spaniel and sharpei. She has a lot of sharpei in her. Sweet little lumpy legs, gramma socks and when she's not a bit porky( we were comfort feeding her a bit when we lost Sadie), we can make a "puppy suitecase" with the extra skin on her back, but not so many wrinkles that we have to deal with cleaning them out. I can't WAIT to check out BDC's, thanks for sharing! I could add alot of stories to that from when we had our beagle, Socki, she was a smart lil mess. Her very last night on the earth, she was busted rifling through my purse on the dining room table, looking for cookies. Miss my lil trouble maker.
pamghattten- yes, still re-learning about dog proofing, but really Sam is a good boy overall. He is a clepto though, steals random things and puts them in his kennel. He took my hubby's phone last week. Hubby wanted quirks, he got them ;) How is your new addition doing? Love to hear an update!
I have noticed that a few of you that have the BC type mixes talk about having barkers....funny because we were starting to think that Sam would never bark. He just found his voice in the last week or so. It's cute, he follows Tasha's lead on barking when I get home and when someone is at the door.
LOL Ginny, I make then pups go outside to play, because I KNOW how it could go. They still haven't had a full on play session, Sam is still learning parameters..he tends to go overboard when he is overstimulated, but I know it will happen soon enough. HAha, he's decided that it's a race every time they go out to see who can get to the bunny hole first. I just know one of these days he's going to land in the pool trying to get there faster. He's is lighting fast too!

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My Mom's 11 mo. old Cavalier swallowed her embroidery needle a couple weeks ago, she saw thread hanging from his mouth and before she could pull on it he gulped it all down. She sobbed the whole time she was on the phone to the vet. Surgery was performed, everything is fine now - except she says she is afraid to get her embroidery out ever again! This pup is the worst I've ever seen when it comes to eating inedible objects. They watch him like a hawk, but he is so quick.

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Many years ago, we had a large shepard mix - Nelson. Normally a very good dog....except at Christmas time. Don't know what the enticement was - but he could get behind the tree (which was always in a corner), leave his xmas pile & get out without ever knocking off an ornament.
Worst part was getting back there to clean it up.

Gotta love them :)

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