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meisocalNovember 13, 2013

Sorry if you have already seen this post in Laundry Rooms. I didn't get any responses so I'm hoping I have better luck here.

My laundry pair is set up side by side next to my water heater in the garage (w/h-dryer-washer). The water heater is in the corner of an exterior wall and an interior wall. When the side door on the exterior wall is open the door covers the water heater. I am in the process of switching out my water heater and need some input from others regarding on my thoughts with the configuration and adding a utility sink since the plumber will already be at the house.

The original thought was to have shelves installed below the water heater. Change the laundry pair to a stacked configuration where the dryer is now and place the sink where the washer is now. However, I was thinking that then we would have the added expense of new w&d because the current ones are not stackable and reconfiguration of additional water lines and dryer vents and gas lines (gas dryer) probably be necessary.

I was thinking that we would just change the water heater and have it mounted a little higher than normal so that we can have the sink or washer installed below it. We could then change the swing of the door to the opposite direction so no one would get hit by an opening door. With the saved expense, we could then just add better storage above the w&d.

There is some space between washer and the entry door into house right now, but DH has been wanting to put his new gun safe there and I like the idea, because I can put my jewelry there as well. That space only fits a typical book case there now that we use for storage.

I know I have been kind of rambling, but any thoughts to help me clarify this would be helpful as the w/h has been making a lot of knocking noises and is making me nervous.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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I would think the on site plumber's advice would be far more reliable.

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Install cab. above the W/D, upgrade the HW heater to an on-demand, dirty arm the slop-sink with an AV vent and install a deadbolt on the door.

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