Shower fixture - handheld and valve

hippityhoppyNovember 2, 2011

I am adding a new shower in the lower level of a rancher in Maryland and would like advise on a handheld shower fixture.

I like the Speakman VS 1001 because it offers a handheld showerhead and a combination slide bar to hold up the showerhead and it is also a grab bar. Is this a good choice?

What valve and trim would work with that?

1. Speakman offers the SM 4080 which includes both the handheld device and a valve.

2. Moentrol valves are recommended but would appreciate suggestions on which one to select.


Is the handheld plus a valve everything that is needed?


Here is a link that might be useful: Speakman's SM 4080 handheld shower and valve

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No info on the showerhead but I can tell you that rail IS NOT A "GRAB BAR".

It is a slider to allow you to position the shower head at different heights -- that's all it's designed to do. It is not secure enough to use for physical support. Actual "grab-bars" are stouter designs with more substantial mountings.

The reason I'm sensitive is that I live in a care-giving situation with an elderly woman (mom) with a shower similar to this. We have actual "grab-bars" in the shower, also, but with her poor vision and failing mind she can't distinguish one from the other and has already pulled the shower slider out of the wall twice while trying to use it as a grab-bar. Thankfully, her attendant was with her each time and there was no injury.

If this particular manufacturer says it can be used as a "grab bar" (I didn't see it, and I would be surprised) please disregard above. Otherwise, please beware.

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