Move toilet 3 inches

trecatNovember 2, 2007

I would like to move the toilet about 3 inches sideways. I considered using an offset flange, but maybe that is not the way to go. The existing flange is connected to the drain that goes straight down about 3 feet without a closet bend. To move the toilet a few inches to the right, could we just use a couple of 45 degree elbows to move the whole drain pipe? Would it be helpful to install a closet bend and then swivel it to the appropriate place? Thanks.

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are you on slab, or do you have access from below? if access from below then it is not a hard job. but if you are on slab it likely would be better to leave it where it is.

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I am not on a slab. There is access from below. Will elbows be okay? Thanks.

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Code prohibits offset flanges.

1/8 bends (45deg) or 1/6 bends (60deg) will be fine.

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That sounds easy enough. Thanks!!

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