Radiator Cover - Creativity needed!!

JlahavNovember 10, 2011


I remodeled my kitchen using a GC, and he failed to see that in the plans the double wall oven was right up against the wall of the radiator (we have steam radiators). The kitchen is now all finished and installed (custom cabinetry, new floors, new appliances), except for this heater. We were able to recess the area (it's an outside wall, and the plumbers pushed back as far as they can go), and fit in a slimline radiator. But now we don't know what to do about a cover.

The GC usually makes solid wood radiator covers, but he said we'd need a 1/2" at least between the fixture and the cover, and the cover needs to be at least 1/4" thick so as to prevent warping with the steam heat. I don't have that kind of clearance for the drawer that sits under the wall oven. I asked if metal would be better, and he said no.

Any ideas? I know nothing at all about plumbing, but when I think of a thin material that's highly heat resistant, I think of silicone. Any thoughts on what I can do (short of shaving the drawer front)?



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It's hard to visualize from your description. A picture or two would help.

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I'm not getting a good picture from your description, however,
- steam radiators get hot and need adequate air circulation to keep from causing heat damage to surrounding materials
- to be effective in providing heat they need to have an adequate flow of room air to the bottom and from the top of the heater
- steam radiators need periodic maintenance to keep them operating properly, so adequate access to the service points is required

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Here are a couple of pics. Sorry about the confusion.



Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Radiator Problem

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Did one like this one time.....put a reflective metal on all sides, top and bottom to force the heat out into the room. Built a wooden frame with trim to match any trim in the room. filled the frame with a decorative grill that is available in either a silver or brass color at Home Depot. Or maybe the grill could be painted (not sure about that), but wooden frame was painted to match color of room. Make frame removable in whatever fashion you prefer.

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