Year old dog still going to the bathroom during the night.

jessica09December 7, 2009

IÂm in need of suggestions. I have an almost year old female cockapoo who is about 20 pounds. I thought she was completely house trained till the other night when I spent the night at my boyfriendÂs house and woke up in the morning to two piles of poop (luckily it was on the tile floor). That night though, I did get up with her twice to take her out. One time she did go pee, but the other time she wanted to play. At my house I have a dog door, so she takes advantage of that during the night. At my boyfriendÂs house, he does not. I am looking for suggestions on how to train her to make it through the night, especially in places where she does not have access to the outdoors. If you suggest crate training her, any suggestions on the whining that comes with it? Please help me train her so that it is a pleasurable experience to take her places overnight and trust her! Thanks!

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It is very typical for housebroken dogs to have accidents in homes other than their own. They simply don't know the rules. I do suggest a crate, and just ignore the whining so she will learn that whining won't get her attention. The crate should be in the bedroom with you, so she can see/hear/smell you which will comfort her. You should still take her out to potty on the same schedule she has at home. I would also take her for an extra long walk in the evening, so she'll be very tired when she is put in the crate for the night.

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She's not doing anything at your boyfriends house that she doesn't do at home. The dif is at home you have accomodated her by providing a doggie door for her to go outside. If you want her to learn to hold it through the night then crate train her. I would start this at home though unless you want her to be traumatized by being put in a crate only at the BF's. If she gets used to it at your house, she won't mind at his. After she has a period of time in the crate at night, try letting her stay out one night and see if she has an accident. (close the DD). If she does then go back to the crate for a few days and try again. When she can go through the night with no accidents then she should be OK.

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