Dog still has fleas after using Frontline Plus..

dianamo_1December 9, 2009

Two weeks ago, I gave my dog a bath and then applied Frontline Plus between his shoulder blades.

He is a large dog and VERY hairy.

I've been noticing him scratching more and more on a daily bases and took a good look at him today. He was covered in fleas! So I gave him another bath today and this time used flea shampoo.

Now after the bath and blowdry...I'm STILL seeing the feas especially on his underside.

My question is:

Would it be alright to give another dose of Frontline Plus? Or should I try something else? I don't want to over-medicate him.

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I don't have a packet in front of me, but I believe instructions say not to bathe the pet 48 hrs before or after applying the product. It doesn't work as well if applied too soon after a bath since much of the pet's body oils have been removed.
Frontline does not kill fleas immediately so your dog is going to need help from you to keep the fleas under control in his environment.
I wouldn't dose him again since is been only 2 weeks and he also got a recent treatment from the shampoo.

Since fleas returned so quickly, it sounds like you need to also treat the area the dog stays in and all bedding.

The following article has some good suggestions for getting control of the pests! Note that there are 5 pages..........

Here is a link that might be useful: fleas

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The treatments that you squeeze on take time to work so it wont happen instantly. If he is really infested then the spray on frontline works well to knock the numbers down but I would check with the vet if it's ok to use now that you've started treatment.

"Now after the bath and blowdry...I'm STILL seeing the feas especially on his underside. "

fleas will do that, as soon as you started bathing him they would be running for cover so they'll head to the stomach and groin, inside ears, the head, armpits etc to get away from the water.

You also need to treat the house because fleas will hop off and lay their eggs around the place and the cycle continues.

I'd suggest this time round, you book him in to a groomer for a flea treatment, and while he is there you can flea bomb the house at the same time. If he is covered in them then they will be elsewhere in the house too and probably in fairly good numbers.

you also need to wash his bedding in hot water and if you can do it all at the same time then you'll get rid of most of them but it can take a bit of persistence to get rid of all the fleas and the eggs.

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Thank you for your responses, ladies, and also for the link.

I've washed all of his bedding and also mine. And as soon as my DH's movie is over, I will vaccuum the carpet tonight before we go to bed and I plan on doing it again in the morning. (Will continue doing it twice a day for the next month or so).

I am guessing that because of his long fur it may take longer to kill the fleas on his body. I hate to shave him down because the weather has turned bitterly cold.

I think I will call the vet tomorrow and see if he thinks I can apply the Frontline Plus again. He'll probably tell me no. :-(

Then I will bathe him again in about a week with the flea shampoo again.

Crossing my fingers that he's soon rid of them nasty buggers.

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"I am guessing that because of his long fur it may take longer to kill the fleas on his body. I hate to shave him down because the weather has turned bitterly cold. "

the long hair does makes it easier for them to hide. You dont need to shave him down though, groomers will have a few different products that they use depending on how bad the flea problem is and if you are still seeing lots of fleas the shampoo may not be strong to do the job properly and many of them only work for very minor flea problems.

With the frontline spray you can target them directly, it is a really good product for severe flea problems, as soon as you see some fleas you can squirt them and that stuff really knocks them down - its smell god awful but it is strong stuff and it really works.

Vaccumming the carpet twice a day will definitely help, especially to collect to up eggs. They are nasty things especially when get you a bad outbreak.

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I have huskies on frontline plus and no fleas.

The frontline must be applied 48 hours before or after a bath as already mentioned.

You also must apply it directly to the skin, which is difficult but not impossible in longer/thicker furred dogs. It helps to divide the dose among several places on the dog's back, rather than in one area. Otherwise it tends to get absorbed into the fur and it doesn't work.

The fleas you see on the dog represent only 5% of the fleas you actually have. The other 95% are immature stages throughout the home. You *have* to treat the environment in order to get rid of those immature stages and the fleas that are not yet on your dog.

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The trick is to find out where your dog is getting the fleas from...and tackle the problem there. Once flea application is applied, it is good for 30 days, unless incorrectly applied. Wait 24 hours before or after a bath before applying....good luck

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Are you sure they are Fleas???? This year in particular a lost of people have mistaken Scabies infection (incessant scratching by pets) as a sign of fleas when it is actually a mite infection. Especially if your pet does not take Heartguard medication. One of the side effects of HG medication is that it keeps the mites in check.

Would check with my VET BEFORE overdosing or getting any other treatments.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sarcoptic Mange

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Your vet can also give you CAPSTAR that will kill the fleas within about half and hour I think. It is a tablet and works for 24 hrs I think. You might get several- it's kinda expensive though but will help him with all the scratching immediately. You will still have to deal with them in the environment. When you board at my vet they give them one right away to stop all the other animals from getting infested. Just a thought.

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One thing some of us should know is by vaccuuming up the fleas is what do you do with the vaccuum after you are done. If you are not getting rid of the bag permanently then the fleas are going to reinfest the house.If you are parking the vaccuum in a closet with the same bag that you just used then they are leaving the vaccuum.The vaccuum does not kill the fleas or the eggs, change the bag and get it out of the house.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

I had a problem with Frontline on my dogs as well. As it turned out, I bought this Frontline from a pet store and it was bogus. Only had water in it. I told my vet that I had fleas after using Frontline and she asked if I had bought it from them. She could return it and get a refund for me. I told her where I got it and she said that bogus product was showing up and it was just water in it. I got more from my vet and had no problems after that.

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We use Comfortis tablets, from the vet, which are a bit costly but worth it.
One dose (with a meal, to avoid an upset tummy) keeps fleas off our dogs for at least a month, and the tablets are formulated to taste like a treat.
Any fleas in the environment that jump on the dogs perish, so the house and yard remain flea-free.

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I ended up waiting two more weeks before I put another dose of Frontline on him. He seems much better now. I think our problem was he has soooo much hair and maybe I hadn't gotten the first dose all the way down to his skin like it says in the directions.

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you cant bath ur dog 3 days prior to using frontline or 3 days after. and when u do bathe him u cant use flea shampoo. u have to use a non medicated kind or it prevents the frontline from working. u have ro use like a non soa, i cant remember exactly but theres an oatmeal shampoo u can use. u can never use any medicated soap at anytime and can use the other oatmeal kind as long as its more than 3 days prior to applying frontline or more than 3 days after.

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Never use those expensive pesticides on your precious pet.
Organic diatomaceous earth is safe, non toxic, inexpensive and will keep all your pets and your home free of insects. No ants or silver fish, no spiders, no bugs whatsoever! We have three large hairy dogs and three cats and no pests. Every six months I sprinkle organic DE under pillow and chair sofas and that is enough to prevent all insects from attacking our pets. Once a month in summer I also add a teaspoon of DE to the dog and cat coats for extra insurance.
I bought organic DE to prevent lice on chickens years ago and have never had to buy insecticides since.

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We have 4 dogs, and had used Frontline in the past with success. We got complacent and let the monthly applications lapse. When I realized there was some flea activity on the dogs, I purchased Adams Pentagon at Costco since it was so much less expensive. Long story was TOTAL waste of money! I went on an all out offensive...bathed the dogs, washed all their (and our) bedding, vacuumed and steam mopped the floors and set off a few foggers - all on the same day! I also purchased the oral medication Comfortis (Rx). I also switched back to Frontline and to problem wasn't a total infestation, but there was obvious active flea activity on the dogs. ok the Adams stuff back to Costco for a full refund, which they were very decent about.

Bottom line...if you have a serious problem, get on top of it fast. And I highly recommend a dual pronged approach (Comfortis and Frontline) to get ahead of the problem...then stay on top of it.

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I found giving my cat a teaspoon or half a cap of Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with quarter cup of water via an oral syringe few times a day has kept the fleas away permanently. Originally was to heal his cystitis, which it did within a week, but noticed the amazing affects it has had on his coat soft and shiny better than ever. Now I give him ACV daily either via oral syringe (ACV mixed with water) or just add some to his tuna, which he loves and doesn't notice the ACV in it. I recommend you give it a go as I have read on other web sites how many others have used this natural and inexpensive way to treat their cats and dogs and have had much success. :)

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Try rinsing your dog with a mild solution of Borax, the laundry aid stuff.

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