Pressure tank bad?

teartagsNovember 17, 2011

We just bought a new house on a well/ septic with a pressure tank. The well inspector shook the tank and told me it was shot based on the fact that he heard water sloshing around inside. Said the bladder has a hole. Makes sense to me I guess. I've read that when this happens, you can refresh the air pressure in the tank and use it similarly to the old style pressure tank essentially bypassing the bladder. I understand I'd need to do this periodically as the air depletes itself with the water. True? Is there any danger in doing this? Is it sanitary? Obviously I will replace the pressure tank at some point. I'm just wondering if it can move down the list of improvements I need to do to the house as we can afford them.

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I recently tested two of those tanks that are over 30 years old and both are good. The inspector might be wrong. Some of them do not know their anus from a terrestrial fenestra. Here is the test. Remove all pressure from the water system. Then put air into the the air valve on the tank- near the top on the side, looks like a tire valve stem. Put 30 psi on it. If it holds that pressure for 15 minutes the bladder is good. After that, precharge the tank per instructions to match your system and and restore the water pressure. I know of no other definitive test for a defective tank bladder.

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Could be the pressure tank doesn't have a bladder...

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Terrestrial fenestra? ROTFLMAO.

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If the bladder has a hole then most likely the top of the tank has water in it. Press in the Schroeder valve. If water squirts out, the tank is gone.

To what BD said, open a faucet to release the pressure in you lines. Keep it open while you pressurize the tank to the 30lbs and wait.

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Finally got around to testing the tank this weekend and it held pressure. So it seems the tank is OK. It was low on pre-load pressure, so I pumped enough air to match the preload listed on the label of the tank (30 psi). Our water pressure is still not spectacular though. The hardness tested at 12 grains and the house has never had a softener in 20 years, so possibly a buildup of minerals?
Anyway, thanks for all the advice and saving me from purchasing a new tank.

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