How to fix leaky Kohler faucet

jazzygardenerNovember 7, 2013

We just moved into a different home which has Kohler faucets. The bathroom faucets leak around the bottom. However, they have a closed top on them with no visible screw. How do we take them apart to fix the leaky seal?

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A pic would be nice. Wide spread faucets (i.e. not one piece uint)? It might be the type where one uses either their hands or a strap wrench to unscrew the whole trim body above, then lift.

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If the handles are a lever style, look on the handle body opposite the lever, for a allen screw,

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I'm just installing that type Kohler here at the house. Hold the handle and unscrew the portion just inside the handle. Turn counterclockwise as you face the faucet. The handle mounts on about a 3/8x3/8 insert and will be pushed off.

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Here' the leaky faucet. Do you have any idea how to fix it? There's no visible screws.

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Try loosening (turning) the middle cylinder with a jar opener. If it turns, keep going until you can lift it off. (Do not use a regular wrench or you will damage it.)

Or how about calling Kohler customer service?

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