HELP Pool decking fiasco?

upsideofdownMarch 13, 2014

Hi there,
We put our pool in a few years ago and the 34 day dig took a toll on our existing flagstone patio. So, we decided to demolish it and put in a stained/stamped concrete patio.

We selected a tan color to go w/ our coping, but are worried it's too gray. We talked to them about that as soon as it poured out of the concrete mixer and as they poured it, etc. We held off on sealing it because they said they could re-stain a different color before it's sealed. They convinced us to wait a few days and it will turn tan, so we followed their advice and let them seal it. Today is the day after the seal and it's still more gray - will it really turn tan????

Also, notice the ugly outlines of each stamp? That looks more like a DIY job to me. Any remedy for this or advice on what we could recommend to the contractor since it seems like they don't know what they are doing?

Attached is a picture of the color/stamp we selected from their website and what we have today (day after sealing).



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Was your concrete already cured or dry several days when they sealed it?

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They power washed it, waited a few days, came back and power washed again and sealed within a few hours of power washing it the 2nd time.

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Concrete should not be sealed within 30 days of placement. You should also wait 48 hours after washing it to seal.

Most sealers have this requirement written on the can.

It can take up to 30 days for the true color to come out in concrete although you should see it come out in the first week. Ask the contractor for the receipts from the ready mix plant to check the mix design and color.

Concrete color is one of the most complained about materials in landscape.

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any thoughts on the outline of the stamp being this prominent? Looks like a checkerboard!

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Textured stamps should be laid over each other not lined up.

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Lovely - you can definitely tell they lined them up :(

Thank you both!

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That will not turn out Tan!! Did they pre color the concrete mix before the pour? If not the coloring they did afterwards should be close to the color of the example that you have

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