X-post Lee cushions cloud nine or standard

pps7April 10, 2013

Hello all!
I'm thinking of ordering this Lee industries apartment sofa.

There is only one bench cushion. I'm torn between getting the standard cushion and cloud nine. I've read all the past threads on this topic and still can't decide. I just want to make sure I get it right since I'm spending so much.

The last time I upgraded to a down cushion ( foam core), I really regretted it. The cushions did not hold their shape and the piping got all of our wack. I was constantly trying to adjust them. Since then I've gotten standard cushions and I've liked them.

For example, we recently purchased a Mitchell Gold sofa with the standard cuchions and I love them.

Any opinions or thoughts? I guess since I can't decide, I should just go with standard since it will be cheaper-LOL!

I'm so indecisive- you guys are probably getting sick of my posts. The good news is that I chosen the fabric: ferris sapphire, wood finsh: weathered maple, self welting cushion with bolster pillows so I'm almost ready to order.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lee sofa

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That's lovely. I think your instincts are right on the standard cushion that you know you like. Also, I'm thinking with that particular piece, a less "slouchy" cushion is the way to go. Interested to see what others think....

May I ask you, how are you purchasing your Lee sofa? Is it through a designer? a store? directly? I'll be shopping soon and am very interested in Lee, but not sure if it's too the trade only or what.


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Have you sat on both Lee cushion versions? Personally, I always upgrade to down; however, I prefer the slouchy, worn look, and, more important, I have physical ailments that, when they flare, pretty much necessitate the softest possible furniture. Several people I know have switched from down to blends or foam because they tired of poufing up their cushions. Bottom line, don't decide until you experience sitting on the versions in consideration! If the comfort is a toss-up, let looks decide.

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