Why does my male cat fo this to the female?

cookingrvcDecember 13, 2009

My male cat Boxer has been with us for 4 years. He is not aggressive at all, but is behaving a little strangle with one of our female cats who has been with us for over a year.

They will be lying side by side sort of spooning when all of a sudden he looks like he's annoyed. He'll stare at her while she's sleeping and then murmur a little then gently but firmly lock his mouth around the back of her neck. Momma doesn't seem to mind, so I don't think he's hurting her, but I do admonish him to stop and he complies.

Is this some kind of 'love thing or perhaps a 'get out of my space' thing? Little confusing. They're both 'fixed'.

He also does this cute little wiggle with me where he circles and turns his back to me, puffs up, and arches his back and does this hiney wiggle.

Not sure what to make of these two displays.


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I'll put this as delicately as I can for the forum. Male cats, when they mate firmly bite and hang on to the scruff of the female's neck. Even after they've been neutered, they'll do the 'love bites' and if you ever pet a male cat for while and they're enjoying it, they'll sometimes get carried away and bite you too. LOL. Sometimes the spayed females respond in kind to the male's attention, but usually call it off before it gets very far.

It doesn't hurt either of them. It's not aggression, and is more wishful thinking than anything.

The arched back and hiney wiggle is affection and submission. Most all cats do that if they love you. IOW your kitties are pretty normal.

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