Raspy meow?

chi83December 18, 2011

One of my cats has a raspy meow on occasion. I first noticed it a few months ago. He was meowing but no sound was coming out. I noted it and started some research but later that night he sounded normal again. I didn't notice it any more for a few months.

Recently, I've noticed he's been raspy more often but it's not as severe. It's still making a bit of noise when he meows and it only lasts for one or two meows before he gets his normal level back. It's hard to describe but it kind of reminds me of a human talking funny until they clear their throat and then they sound normal.

He's a talker. He probably meows 100+ times a day and 99% of the time they sound normal but I'm wondering what this hoarseness is.

I live in California now (it started when I lived in Boston) and we've recently started using our heater a few times a week at night when it's cold. Maybe that has something to do with it. He also has mild asthma and gets attacks a couple times a week. Nothing serious and my vet is aware of it but doesn't think it's serious enough to warrant treatment. He starts wheezing for about 30 seconds and then he's normal again. He's been doing this for 6 years with no increase in severity.

The only health problem he's had other than the asthma is blood work results of slightly elevated liver enzymes last year. I haven't had blood work since but I can't see how that would be related to the hoarseness.

Other than that, he's happy, eating fine, purring, social. I'm not sure if it's just a winter thing or something is irritating him. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I'm planning on getting them to a vet sometime relatively soon but I have to find one and get an appointment first so I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this. Thanks!

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What breed is he? I have a VERY talkative Burmese cat that can make the oddest sounds - and none of them are a soothing MEOW. Sometimes she sounds hoarse, sometimes like a growl, sometimes like a slight bark or mow-wow. She also purrs really loud when she cuddles, which is a lot. That is my favorite sound.

The vet should be able to tell you if it normal or not. Good luck with your kitty.

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Thanks. I managed to get an appointment with a new vet on Thursday so I'll be able to ask him about that plus a few other things!

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