Kitchen Designer Saved Me from HUGE Mistake!

Suzi AKA DesertDanceMarch 27, 2013

Today I got an email from my designer, asking if I realized that the trash Drawer would not be able to be opened while I was loading the dishwasher.

Nope! I did not realize that, so now, everything will be changing!

I would have hated that, had it happened and I'm very thankful she picked up on that mistake!

I'm happy my designer is a good communicator!!


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Did the KD design it that way? I've caught a lot of mistakes my designer has made, mostly in measurements.

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One way or another, thank goodness it was caught!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I designed it that way, sort of. The current dishwasher is on the left base cabinet wing close to the corner. I really wanted the dishwasher on my left, next to the sink, but to do that I had to move the sink more to the right, off center...

I got OK with the off center, but now there wasn't room for the trash on the right, so it had to go where the dishwasher once was, creating a problem I had not thought about.

Yep! Thank goodness it was caught!

The dishwasher will go where it once was, the sink back to center, and the Trash Drawer on the right.


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Happy for you, Desert!

The $$ I paid my KD was totally worth it for that very reason. Saved me from some huge (design, not so much functional) mistakes!!

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