Dog feeding questions - Bones? Rotation?

cal_dreamerDecember 5, 2009

Hi everyone,

Right now my 3 year-old Border Collie Layla is on Wellnes Core, and seems to be doing well on it.

I've been reading about raw food and have heard that you should not feed raw and kibble at the same time (same feeding.) Today she had kibble in the morning and I gave her a split knuckebone for a treat late this afternoon.

Anyone know how many calories in marrow? I'm guessing she probably doesn't need kibble for dinner tonight.

I was also reading about kibble rotation. Anyone here rotate protein source foods regularly? Since Wellness core is turkey and chicken, should I switch it up and give her a venison/lamb based food in a month or so for a change? I was thinking Innova EVO Red and then Orijen Fish? (I don't have the time or energy to go all raw, so that's not an option for me.)

Might seem silly, but it makes sense to me to feed from diferent protein sources and I know I would get tired of eating the same thing everyday.

For those of you who rotate and/or supplement with meaty bones, how do you do it and how have your dogs responded?

Thanks, Holly

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Holly there are a thousand ideas and programs out there for dogs, and I suggest you first not worry too much about the calories your dog is taking in unless it has a very sedentary life. Most Aussies are very active and can burn more calories than they take in on a daily basis. Next, I dont know about others, but I shy away from lamb, lamb carries scrapies which is a form of encephalitis and that can not be killed with heat or freezing, and Im just not willing to expose my dog to that. Tho he is more likely to get bit by an infected mosquito.
I use a combination of food, I give my dog Ntural balance meat sticks, which he leaves out for days until they are like jerky before he eats them. I buy Trader Joes canned food, and I cook hamburger and chicken for him. Dogs ccan respond differently to rotation diets, some do well, some dont. Some become very finicky eaters and the change in food can back fire on you since they might get picky, it depends on your dog for the most part.

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I tried switching my chow to Innova because I read it was one of the most nutritious foods on the market and her stools turned to pudding. I even notified the company and they had me adding cottage cheese to the food and it didn't make any difference.I was always under the belief to not keep changing their diet. They do not get bored with a tasty meal just keep it delicious and they always let you know.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think she has gained some weight in the month that I've had her,(her ribs do not feel so bony) and I really do want to keep her lean and healthy since she may not get all the exercise she needs. Two walks a day (at my pace) are probably not what is optimal for her. My plan was to have some vigorous ball play, but she could care less about balls or toys. She loves to lay on my feet while I'm on the computer or watch TV. Having a small yard, I'm not sure how much activity she does while we are at work.

Just wondering what others do - and if you supplement, then how much do you cut back the kibble? I've read the dog food threads and about raw, barf, etc.

It's nice to hear what is working for the dog owners here, as I figure out what is best for Layla.

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We do not feed BARF, but I am considering starting after the holidays. I have heard many good things from owners who do that.

Currently, our dog gets high grade kibble, "Taste of the Wild" with a bit of canned food mixed in for extra flavor. Wellness is excellent food also, just harder for us to find.

We do give knucklebones as treats, but only very rarely and only when he has had a good day's workout, such as romping in the countryside, or a full day of doggie day care, running with DH, etc. He might get 1-2 bones per month. If he gets a bone, he does not get any other dog treats that day, but we feed him his normal meals.

Border collies tend to run on the lean side. Have you considered trying to find a "herding class" for her? There are some places that you can take herding breeds to actually do what they are bred to do, aka herd goats or sheep. That might be a fun weekend activity for you to try.

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