Pool is in, now completing the decking ~ Suggestions?

littlehMarch 23, 2011

Hi all,

We took the plunge last August and decided to rip up our koi pond and install a 38'X21' Flat back kidney pool. Due to weather i was unable to complete it in it's entirety (Ontario Canada) and so i left it to allow settling for this year to complete.

Due to our layout, i had to build up the surrounding area almost 2' to blend in to our existing back deck. I did so by building a 2' high retaining wall with Rosetta Belvedere stone and backfilled inside with 5/8 and stone dust. My plan this Spring is to now deck the top of this backfilled area with either Stamped concrete or Pavers...

In the interest of expediency, i wanted to go with stamped concrete however i just cannot come to grips with the exhorbantly high quotes i am getting back from the contractors in my area.. I can do pavers myself however i do not have the skillset to do concrete... The markup on labour that i have calculated based on going rate for concrete in my area is simply laughable... I can basically cover the area (about 1700 sqft) with mid level pavers for about $6500.00 Concrete would cost about $5100 for the supplies.. Most quotes i am getting to do this space is in the area of $20-27K.... Suffice it to say, i will going with pavers :)

My intent is to cover the complete area less planter areas in each of the back corners and perhaps one up near the East gate....

As i have over 2' of drainage backfill, should i be concerned of pooling? Do you think i need linear drainage installed?

Link to the pool install :)


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Given you northern latitude, I strongly urge a compacted base of crusher, about 2 feet deep, six inch lifts. This will allow moisture to drain and any residual moisture to reside below the frost line. This will prevent frost related heaving and waviness. A couple of inches of paver base to set the pavers on and poymetric sand to keep them from wiggling.


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