Gas Connection behind Wall Oven Okay?

jkuns7tyNovember 18, 2012

In our kitchen remodel, we had originally planned on a slide-in dual fuel range and had the gas line installed in the middle of that 30" opening. At the last minute, we decided an electric wall oven installed in an oven base cabinet there, with a gas cooktop would suite our kitchen better. When I looked up installation instructions for the wall oven, it said a "typical" installation has the gas connection in an adjacent cabinet. Will having the gas connection behind the wall oven be a problem? Should we pay to have the gas line moved - which would involve going into a different bay and more line than there currently is, so pricey - or is its' location fine?


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The gas line must have a shutoff that is readily accessible

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Thanks. It would still be accessible - there is a sliding cabinet drawer under the wall oven that can slide out and you can reach the shutoff. I was interested about if there is any code requiring distances from wall ovens for gas supply lines -there wouldn't be much space between the wall and the oven for the gas line to run, and I didn't know if that was any kind of code violation.

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"distances from wall ovens for gas supply lines"


The gas in the line cannot burn since there is no oxygen present.

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Thanks brickeyee!

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