Northstar pump motor replacement

masksavMarch 28, 2012

HELP! My pool is now 8 years old. When it was built, the builder installed a Hayward Northstar pool pump. The pump itself has been ok. My problem is the pump motor was replaced 3 years ago due to bearing failure. Well it's done it again. The bearings are whining away and I'm sure the motor is not long for this world. I've found replacement motors on-line for $265.00 + shipping ($29.95)

My questions are

How difficult is it to change-out and how do you change it out? (I'm fairly handy)

Do I need any additional parts? i.e. seals, impeller, etc. If so what do I need?

What can be done to extend the life of the motor?

Anything I'm missing or need to know?

The 3 year old replacement motor is a A.O. Smith Century Centurion USN 1202 2 H.P. it has the part number of 7-193687-02

Thanks in advance for your replies

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It's pretty easy. Always replace the seal when you replace the motor. Check the impeller for cracks. Make sure you are matching the HP of the motor and the impeller. i.e. don't put 1 hp motor with a 2hp impeller.

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I bought the same replacement motor AO Smith USN1202 and the Hayward impeller kit with seals for $288.00 on e-bay. When they get in I'm also installing a motor cover and a 12' section of gutter over the equipment to stop roof runoff. Hopefully that will do the trick

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