Dog Stolen in Milwaukee

betsyhacDecember 26, 2012

A young couple out walking their puppy were attacked by several people, and the puppy taken from them. I'm posting this anywhere I can to spread the word. Not a case of bad owners; the dog was one class away from graduating his puppy class at the Humane Society. The neighborhood is "on the fringe," so the worry now is that he was stolen for dog fighting.

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I live about 10 miles from the neighborhood where he was taken . It's kind of a low class - ghetto-ish place . Probably young thugs thinking having a pittbull is a status symbol . I'm hoping this will have a good ending.

There's been dogs stolen from around here before. Once the pictures of the dogs have been published - good people go out of their way to keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious. Many dogs have been found and the thieves went to jail . I hope this is the case , there's ALOT of dog lovers here ...:)

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I hope this article is posted in the Milwaukee newspapers.
There was a dog stolen in NYC the other day and the guy was caught selling it in Central Park. Don't know why someone would leave your dog tied up in front of a store you were shopping in especially NYC.

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I read about that dog, a King Charles spaniel caught on tape being stolen, but I thought who leaves their dog tied to a post on a busy street?

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This is so sickening! Precious little sweetheart looks like an angel! There are so many cases of dog theft around here in this god forsaken Ohio that it just makes you sick to your stomach to think about it! It just gives me one more reason to hate Ohio so much! What in the world has gotten into people...evil just pure EVIL!!!!

I hope that at least a few of the thefts are just well meaning people that see a dog tied up in the back yard and are "rescuing" them. I fear mostly people are using them for bait and they are also selling them. Recently a grown bulldog was taken from a car at a restaurant and was miraculously found after a lady bought her and then saw her lost ad on Craigslist!

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I know, AG, this kinda stuff just haunts me - even tho I don't even know these people.

It happens so much more than people realize. If I ever see a dog tied up outside, even in my small town, I tend to kind of hang out until the owner comes out. Once, I was at the recycle center, and an older lady had a cute little poodle in her car, all the windows open, doors open. I told her about how many dogs get stolen, and why (often, as bait). She was shocked, had never heard of it, and thanked me profusely. How can people not know about this stuff, though? I hardly ever watch the news, and I do. In fact, while I was searching the Inet for a possible update on MacGyver, I saw many other stories about dogs being snatched - one in broad daylight off of someone's back deck on the East Side of Milwaukee. When I lived in a small town out in the country, some 15 year old kid stole his friend's boxer - just because he wanted it - and then in order to hide it from his parents, tied it to their pier, left it there in the sun with no water, where it died.

They're really going all out to find MacGyver. It was on the news, and they have a FB page - collecting donations and offering a reward - so I hope they get him back.

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Prayers and positive thoughts to save this baby and bring
him home.

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