Update: Dog Chicken Jerky problems

weed30December 28, 2011

Sick dogs

I don't buy dog treats unless they are made in the USA anymore. Not that the USA is perfect, but chances are better that your dog will not get sick and/or die. Actually I am going to start making my own treats - there are many recipes on the net - Jerky, biscuits, etc. I will take advantage of "super sales" at the grocery store for poultry, beef, pork, etc. I feel so bad for those whose dogs got sick or died :(

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I read the article. Thanks for the info! I had some chicken jerky treats for my dogs. It has not made them sick, but since they were in jars after I opened the package I didn't know where they had come from, so I just threw them away. Thankfully my dogs haven't got sick because of any treats.

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I have read about this too, but not seen a problem (yet). Interestingly nearly ALL dried chicken treats for dogs are made in China (have seen 5 different brands now at different stores- all from China). All beef treats from the USA.

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They put melamine in milk powder intended for human consumption in 2008 (made international headlines) and AGAIN in 2010. I hate to say it, but if they'll risk the health & safety of human children to increase profits then why not pets?

Disclaimer - I visit China 2-3x/yr on business & really appreciate the people I work with, I'm not trying to bash them but their values are not the same as the US when it comes to this sort of thing.

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