Calm before the storm?

cookie8December 7, 2011

We have a new pup. She has been with us for one month now and is great. I have been reading about Border Collies and most has been negative as in a lot of biting, bad with other pets, etc. We have young kids and a cat. So far, at four months she is very submissive when we meet a dog walking, plays outside with the kids well, was house trained very easily as in almost instantly as she was a farm dog and had never been in a house before. Why do I feel so worried? So far, exercise is 1/2 hour walk in the morning, later in the day - 1 hour outside run/play/fetch time with the kids and then a 1/2 hour walk at night. She is also submissive to the cat and will back off instantly when she gets too hyper at playtime (when told, of course). Am I crazy?

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BC's, as you've already experienced, are exceptionally intelligent and active dogs. They require both physical and mental activity, and lots of it. In addition to the physical exercise you are already providing her, you should get her into puppy obedience classes as soon as possible. From there, you should continue her education, either by continuing obedience classes or branching out into other physical and mental activities like agility training, dog sports, flyball, herding, etc. If you don't keep both her body and mind active, she'll find ways to do it herself ... and you probably won't enjoy what she comes up with.

BC's are incredible dogs, but they are not for the faint of heart or for those who want a relaxed, sedate canine companion. Give your girl a job to do and keep her mind engaged.


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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

Cookie ~ I have had shelties for about 10 years now but bred BCs for many years before the shelties. I NEVER had a bad experience with a border collie! They are the gentlest, most intelligent, easy to train, family dogs you could ever ask for, IMHO. My daughter was raised with my first BC puppy we adopted when my daughter was 10 months old. That dog was so patient and gentle with her, even sharing his food out of his dish which she liked to hand out to him one piece at a time! She learned how to walk holding on to Blazah's ruff and collar and he was her constant playmate and guardian. He did guard her and his home but he was never out of line in anything he did.

Border Collies are very family oriented dogs. They are a working breed and must have a job even if that job is to hold down the couch! Yes they have high energy and are always ready to work but I have never met a mean BC. They can be shy and submissive which is not always a good thing as they are at their best when they are confident and well socialized. Bad breeding can produce a really shy, withdrawn dog which is a problem with many breeds. Hopefully your little girl is not one of them. BCs mature slowly and really don't come into their own until they are 2 or 3 years old. It sounds to me like you are doing every thing right by this gal and it will be no time at all before she owns her family! You are absolutely not crazy! The more time you spend with her in your family and the more you expose her to, the more you will see the true reason these dogs were bred for their job. Enjoy your puppy and she will return your love a million times over. :)

All the best to you in your new roll as doggy mom too.



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Cookie, I've never had a Border Collie but have never heard anything bad about them from people who do. As honalee said and according to other owners I've always heard that they are very gentle and intelligent dogs. The only thing I've ever heard that could come anywhere close to a complaint is that they are super energetic.

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