Anyone ever used Wet Edge Primera Stone???

mcchickMarch 11, 2011

Hey Ya'll,

I am down here in a suburb of Houston and am about to start on my pool! Very excited but having a little trouble deciding on an interior pool finish. Has anyone ever used Wet Edge Primera Stone? I like the look of a Pebbletec pool but not the rough feel so I thought that Primera Stone might be a great solution. Unfortunaely, I cannot find anyone (online) who has actually used this product to find out what they think of it, how it wears, positives, negatives, etc. Any thoughts or opinions would be great!


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We used Wet Edge Primera in our pool for the same reason. It was installed July 2010 and so far we like it very much. Perfectly smooth finish and beautiful. You can see pictures in our build.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our build

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thanks for your link - your pool is beautiful- especially like those tiles on the outside of the spa. So nice to know that you have had the Primera Stone for a year and it is working out well for you. I am really leaning towards it.

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You also may want to consider Pebblefina. It's pebbletec's smooth surface. I am in the same boat of wanting a smooth surface that lasts longer than plaster. It is supposed to be an aggregate, so should last.

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I need to amend my last post. I'm hearing different things about Pebblefina. Per PT site, I think it is equivalent to the quartz products but use stone as the pozzolans into the cement mixture.

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We used it in ours. Since it's less than a few months old, no info on how it wears. But the look and feel is perfect for us. Check our pool build thread for lots of photos of how the surface is installed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cen Cali Pool Build Thread

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Okay, I have spoken with the wet-edge installer in my area and he really pushes the Pearl Matrix over the Primera stone even though the Primera stone is more expensive. Says the Primera stone stains and is not as durable as the Pearl Matrix. He has Pearl Matrix in his own pool - I went to see it, it is beautiful and he swears it is not rough on his kid's feet. He has has his for 8 yrs and loves the pebble. He keeps telling me that I want pebble and nothing else. This is so frustrating because everyone seems to have a different opinion on if the Pearl Matrix (pebble finish like Pebble Tec) is rough or not.

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We just finished replastering our pool and decided on Sun Stone Pearl ("Aqua Blue") which has a very small pebble size and the PB has done many of them. We wanted a pebble finish and we were able to see an existing pool. We were able to wade in the pool to see what the finish felt like and although it was only a few minutes, it seemed very smooth. Water color is turning more blue as we are only finishing the first week. Looks great so far.

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We are also in the Houston area and are about to replaster our pool. The folks who are doing our pool do 1200 pools a year and use a lot of Wet Edge. We talked about the fact that our pool is shallow and the kids are on their feet all the time they are in it. They suggest the Wet Edge Luna Quartz and say they use it in about 70% of the pools they do. I saw the Primera Stone last year and asked about whether it would be better -- easier on their feet. It costs more, but has the same warranty and they didn't feel we would notice that much difference. It does have a fine textured pebble appearance though -- the Luna Quartz is a sandy appearance.

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