Still need help with a floor leak in 1945 pier and beam home! hel

southern_texanNovember 7, 2010

I have a home built in 1945. I am desperate for help.Just joined this site yesterday. I have a leak in my floor soiling the carpet in my dini8ng room, just at the entrance way from my kitchen. I have pier and beam foundation, yet the crawl space......(that has an entrance from one of my hall closets)is quite small.........You must crawl on your belly under my home and numerous beams block a significant pathway. I have lived here one year. My inspector found nothing wrong with the plumbing. Since buying my home (it sat empty for 4 years.I have had roto rooter out 4 times.....for roots in the underground backed up tubs and sinks) I seem to have that under control. NOW I have a leak of water coming up from the floor in my dining room. There are vents on the lower outside portion of my home I can look into with a flashlight... Crawling on my belly under my home seems almost impossible because the room to crawl is minimal. DO I NEED to rip up my floor to access the leak? We are talking original hardwood here........My hands are tied, Limited income etc. Plus I am a woman... Know nothing about these things. I need good advice.............THANKS in advance!

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Nobody here can stand there and look at it. But I would say this: water does not leak upwards. It leaks downwards. Is the kitchen nearby? Is there a fridge on that wall with an icemaker hookup(saddle valve leaking)? Do you have an AC unit in the attic or upstairs (condensate leak)?

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I have to agree with weedmeister that it is probably coming across or down rather than up. However, I did have a similar leak in a very old rental that turned out to be a pinhole leak in a pipe under the floor. The hole was on the top of the pipe and it was spraying up onto the bottom of the floor. Unfortunately, if you do rule out water coming across or down, the best way to find and fix the problem is for someone to crawl under. Tearing up the floor is last resort if it can't be fixed from underneath, but I would make every effort to fix it from underneath.

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I responded to another post on this issue on this forum...Does the leak seem to be coming from the kitchen sink? Does it seem to only get wet when when you run water in the kitchen? Did you look under the sink to see if there is anything leaking under there?--The Captain

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