Renovation in Sugar Land/Missouri City TX

peymar3March 22, 2011

We are currently trying to get quotes for renovating our pool. We are looking to add many new features to our basic pool (spa, sun deck, waterfall) and update the plaster, tile, coping and deck.

However, the pool builders we have contacted have responded that they either do not do renovation work or do not work in our area. There are a few others that have not gotten back to me yet.

Any recommendations for reputable renovators in our area would be greatly appreciated!!!

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I had the same problem a year ago. I found a couple who might be interested if they could sell you enough stuff you didn't know you wanted, change your equipment etc. Others will either not answer the phone or not get back to you. Most of the focus is on new pool work.

Check out Pool Works (aka Houston Pool Renovations) at the website below. If nothing changes tomorrow, we'll be finalizing plans for them to start our pool next week (tile and plaster). They off the beltway near 290 -- closer to you than they are to me up in The Woodlands, so I doubt location will be an issue.

I was first referred to them by the guy who services our pool equipment. I'm told they do plaster work for Wise Pools and Texas Pools -- two long-time builders of top notch pools up this way. They use a lot of Wet Edge finishes (we are looking at Luna Quartz) but that have several other lines available.

They've been in business since 1991 and they tell me they do 1200 pools year. From my discussions with them, I know they can do the plaster, tile, coping and deck but you would need to check with them on the structural changes to the pool. I'll be surprised if they can't help you. I hope that helps. I remember how frustrated I was last year.

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Thanks so much for the info and for letting me know I am not losing my mind! I never realized it would be so hard to just get some quotes. I will give them a call!

I am interested in hearing how your renovation goes. Keep us updated!

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I talked to Greg this morning and he said they can do the structural changes, so do give them a call.

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You might also try JTK Pools out of the CyFair area. I know he specializes in renovations and remodel. You can get to there web site below.

Here is a link that might be useful: JTK Pools

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You can try Vollmer Custom Pools or Monster Pools as well. I have friends that have used them recently for swimming pool remodels....

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Thanks so much for the recommendations! I have 3 companies coming out this week. Depending on how it goes, I may be calling some more...

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I am in the process of getting some bids for pool did your bidding and renovation go?

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