RO water system

TomXNovember 18, 2011

I have one of those GE RO systems. It is 15 years old, and with the last filter change, has started to leak and not fill the tank properly. There seems to be something wrong with the valve system which initiates filling when water is removed from accumulator tank. I have read several posts and people always recommend industry standard RO systems to reduce the price of membranes and filters and to avoid the nonstandard GE system.

Instead of messing with the system and tearing it down, and probably introducing more leaks, I am inclined to replace the whole thing.

Being a DIY home handyman, I do not know what the industry standard units are and no brands or model numbers were listed.

Could someone please list a few brands and model numbers of what an industry standard RO under sink filter system is? I'm looking for something that has pre/post cardbon filters as well as an RO membrane. Also, where would such a thing be purchased.

thank you.

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Hard to beat the Watts Premier 4 stage RO sold @ Sam's Club for $135

And here's the manual...

Watts Premier isn't going anywhere, they have good tech support, and they speak English when you call.

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