Repairing PVC sanitary tee?

jamesfjamesfNovember 20, 2012

I know the right answer. Im just curious if I can avoid the hell it will be :-)

While trying to remove the toilet flange so I could put down another layer of subfloor, I reefed on it too hard and cracked the downstream double sanitary tee with side inlet. It's not broken off, so theoretically I'm able to peel it back, prime & glue the crack, and not have to tear the whole thing apart.

Wondering if this is a common repair, absolute insanity, etc. I'll attach a pic. It's the right side hub, cracked where it meets the side inlet hub. Hard to see the crack in the pic but it's a good 270 degrees around. It's the line that doesn't make the 90 degree turn to the eft, that's a casting line.



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I'm sure there will be some ppl chime in with everything from PVC glue & JB weld to bubble gum but in truth there is no reliable & permant solution other than to remove the broken fitting & replace it.

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In a similar vein, I once tried to glue a vent pipe into a partially sawed off hub w/ PVC cement. That didn't even work. Best thing that happened is that it failed immediately while I was there.

It will probably be easier on the mind once you finally decide to bite the bullet and redo it. Hopefully you have access.

That being said, I do wonder what a few wraps of fiberglass w/ resin would do for PVC on top of a jb weld repair and some bubble gum.

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