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pdsgatorMarch 18, 2013

looking to pull trigger on pool design and pb in next week or so. have had a few different designs priced. could use some help on equipment and design:

Equipment - 2 pb finalist; one is proposing for a 500 sq ft pool 1 - Sta-Rite 72 SF DE Filter, Easytouch 4sc controller with 10 button spa remote, IC40 chlorine generator, 1 skimmer, 2 pentair LED changing lights, letro automatic pool fill, never lube valves, and for 40 sq ft spa (12 jets) 1 Sta-Rite 400,000 but electric ignition gas heater, 1 - 2HP blower, and 1 Pentair LED light.

2nd PB is proposing Hayward products, but it hardto tell which ones. Hayward skimmer, Hayward cartridge filter, Inline chlorinator, Hayward 2 speed pool pump, 1HP silencer spa blower, Hayward 400,000 BTU natural gas heater, Hayward Heat Pro Heat Pump 140K BTU (pool), Hayward LED Color Logic pool and spa, Hayward Aqua Plus/40K Aqua rite salt system with pro-logic automation.

Its hard for me to make heads or tails of the above, whether comparable or not. neither have gone into great detail, but I have yet to ask because design has been getting tweaked.

Is this good equipment either way? Any thing I should be taking into consideration. I am on a budget.

Design Question:

Has any one seen a vanishing edge pool that drops into a sunken fire pit? I have looked and looked and cant find anything, maybe for good reason. I am leaning to screen enclosure but have a lot of fall on my property. was curious how it would look to have some elevation change on the deck and essential have zero edge at pool level and then 36-54 below have bench and fire pit facing lake - so pool waterfall to your back and lake to the front. thought it would create an interesting feature. any body seen something like this or have any input why this would not work?

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Hello i want to build up pool in my farm house what will be the perfect design and shape for pool please help me...
thank you

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to the original poster (I think jacksonbird didnt mean to put that in here).

It's hard to say whether or not youre getting apples-to-apples with just the equipment specd.

A couple of things I notice- I would be skeptical about running 12 jets on one pump. The most I've really seen work with good pressure and efficiency would be 8 per pump, but I love sticking to 6 per pump for great pressure and true therapy feel.

Im partial to Pentair equipment over Hayward 10 times out of 10....Im a builder and have you used both and simply prefer Pentair due to the product, feel, efficiency, and warranty/ follow up.

One builder is doing gas heat only, the other is doing a heat pump and a as heater? Have them explain that more to you and tell them how you want to use your pool and spa and what months of each.

As far as filtration....one is DE and one is cartridge. Do your research on how you want to clean your filter. One is backwashing and recharging the filter with DE (a little hassle and a little mess) and the other is breaking down the filter/hosing off/ putting it back together. Both do what they should and do it very well, I prefer cartridge.

If you're not in love with your design, hire a landscape architect and pay for a great design that both builders have to bid off of. You'll get what you want and have much tighter numbers...my two cents. Good luck!

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As for the DE I love them and that is a huge upgraded filter in price and preformance ... My personnel pool has one and I clean my grids at startup and maybe backwash once per season.....Go with the Pentair equipment and you will not be sorry....

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Thank you for your help and guidance.

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