Stonescapes Tahoe Blue or Tropic Blue?

luvh20March 23, 2011

O.k. We are at the stage of pool water color.

We are going to be using Stonescapes,and don't know which

one has a more deeper blue,Tahoe,or Tropic? Any thoughts ,or pictures that can be shared with us? Our PB is trying to find a few houses with both, so we can see in person, but in the meantime we appeciate your help.

Thank You

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You are exactly where I was around this time last year. Same product, down to the same two choices. We ended up with Tropics blue, it's just a little darker, little less green AND it has smell reflective shells in the finish which make it sparkle. Not all of the colors in the Stonedcapes line have that and it makes a huge difference. We were able to obtain 4x4 samples of each color and I carried them around while picking tile, travertine, etc. If you are able to get some of those, wet the finish and it will somewhat give you an idea. I have never posted pics on here so have no clue how to do it. I have pictures on my iPhone I could send if you want.

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Thank you andria564 for the response. If you don't mind can you please send your pictures to

R-E-O, thanks for the link, it should help us decide.

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